На Клаудиу Шиффер подали в суд из-за соседских деревьев

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer will have to answer for the neighbor’s trees in the court. Multimillionaire Willi Weber, the former Manager of the legendary Michael Schumacher, has filed a lawsuit against the leggy beauty and her husband, film producer Matthew Vaughn. The reason for the proceedings in court was the trees. According to plaintiff, by order of their masters (Schiffer and Vaughn) to their gardener had cut down the two pine trees that grew on its site.

The deed was done, but it angered the Weber. Because the man is sure that the trees were destroyed that the Windows of the homes of celebrities was more beautiful. The gardener himself says, that the trees will sooner or later require the destruction, because they were just dry and lifeless already.

As it turned out, apologize for the fact that the gardener had cut down the wrong trees family Schiffer and Vaughn brought in, but Willie did not accept them. and threatened the neighbors to build a high wall between their land and to plant its territory with trees and shrubs so that the Slate and won’t see a speck of sea, and will feel it just by smell.

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