On children’s “the Eurovision” Russia will present a student of Igor Krutoy

На детском «Евровидении» Россию представит ученица Игоря Крутого The singer has around two dozen competitors in the battle for a place at the song contest. This year’s festival finale will be held in Georgia. Previously Pauline Bogussevich took part in the show “the Voice. Children.

The International children’s center “Artek” June 3, 2017 has passed the qualifying competition, the results of which the jury chose the representative to the song contest “Eurovision”. The winner eventually became the 13-year-old Pauline Bogussevich.

“Guys, thanks to everyone who voted and really believed in me! I will worthily represent our country,” wrote the young star in his Instagram.

The jury and spectators was difficult to make a selection for the coveted prize fought more than 20 participants. However, Pauline was able to snatch victory thanks to a strong performance of lyrical songs of his own composition. It with a song called “Wings” the girl will be performing at the Eurovision song contest.

According to the selection rules, the scores of the jury summarized the results of the audience vote. For the choice of the participant of the Junior Eurovision this year, said Dina Garipova, composers Grigory Gladkov and Evgeny Krylatov, Director of TV channel “Karusel” Tatyana Tsyvareva, singer Lerika and General Director of “Children’s radio” Evgenie Kombarov.

Bogussevich not the first acts on stage, and as a professional musician since early childhood. The whole country girl became famous in 2014 when, at the age of ten years was selected for the show “the Voice. Children.” Then the singer performed the song “Think” by Aretha Franklin, forcing Maxim Fadeev, Pelagia and Dima Bilan press the desired button. Pauline chose the team of Dmitry, but left the project after the stage of the fights.

The defeat on “the Voice” had no effect on creative activity Bogussevich. Now the girl is a student of the Academy Igor Krutoy, speaking at such major festivals as the children’s “New wave” and “song of the year”. She often appeared on television shows including transmission “Evening Urgant” and “Patrimony”. In addition, Pauline is a student in the school, combining creativity with learning.

Is still unknown the exact date of the Junior Eurovision. The organizers report that the event will be held in the capital of Georgia in November 2017. We will remind that last year Russia at competition was represented by the group “The Water is Life Project”. The team took fourth place.