On Ani Lorak during the concert, attacked a fan

На Ани Лорак во время концерта набросился поклонник State of emergency happened in Penza, where she performed with her show DIVA. At the end of the program, representatives Lorak asked security guards to loosen the cordon – everyone will have a chance to give Ani flowers. Security but soon regretted it.

Among the crowd of fans of Ani Lorak appeared to be a young man who actively sang with the favorite, and the song “Slowly” jumped on stage and clung to the star, making a selfie. Lorak was surprised, but made no sign.

But one of the bodyguards rushed to the guy, who still managed to make the treasured scenes on the same stage with the star. Ani, who is always attentive to fans, even helped the young man, holding his hand. The guy was delighted by the warm reaction of the star.

But then Lorak was forced to calm the furious bodyguard, who was seriously scared for the life of the artist. “All right, all right,” the persistently assured the guard performer. Penza, however, security is still something hard-voiced kid.

Recall that to show DIVA Lorak was preparing long and hard. In the end the concert with incredible success died down March 3 at the Olympic stadium in Moscow. Then the star went on tour on cities of the country and the world. Sold out, the halls are crowded!

The actress has repeatedly said that her close-knit team of professionals and that through the joint effort produced an excellent result.

This program is unique in its kind. “We have everything: rain, wind, and stars, and innovative technological effects,” shared earlier Ani.

But before preparing for a large-scale program, the singer family flew to vacation in Mexico, where he gained strength.

“The choice of Mexico was spontaneously told to “StarHit” Ani Lorak. – Initially we planned to go to rest somewhere else entirely. But I’m very glad I was able to discover this beautiful country. I loved the Golden beaches, the Caribbean sea, historical places… But most importantly, after a busy year, finally managed to spend a lot of time with my family.”

We will remind, security service of Ukraine remains under the strong impression of seeing with your own eyes the famous pyramids of the Maya. As a family they visited the colourful representation of the local Cirque du Soleil. Daily Ani enjoyed local dishes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. “Mexican cuisine is amazing,’ said the star. – Incredibly fresh and tasty seafood, fruits, vegetables. What could be the diet on vacation? I believe that if we come to relax, you can try something new, or finally eat something for a year does not allow. And so I did”.

Ani Lorak for the first year violated a strict diet

And after the vacation started the dress rehearsal – along with a ballet Lorak was preparing for the presentation of the new show DIVA.