На Анастасию Мельникову наорали из-за дочери 15-year-old Masha plays a major role in the historical drama of Alexey Kozlov, is based on real events. In addition to heiress Anastasia Melnikova, in the film played by Gela Meskhi and Andrey Udalov. Star mother Masha told, how to respond to a job’s daughter.
На Анастасию Мельникову наорали из-за дочери

In Saint-Petersburg is in full swing shooting a new film “Barge 752”. In the center of the plot is a wreck on lake Ladoga, which took place in 1941 during the evacuation from besieged Leningrad. In the ribbon of Director Alexey Kozlov shot Andrey Udalov, Gela Meskhi and Anastasia Melnikova. Starring 15-year-old star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” Masha. It is expected that the drama will be released in 2019.

In a recent interview with Anastasia Melnikova said about how you reacted to the work of the successor. The actress admitted that she had a dispute with the film’s Director.

“When the Director Alexey Kozlov offered Masha a major role, I immediately said that off all responsibility, because I believe that they are still small and can not cope. “You don’t believe in your daughter” – I cried the Director. I told him that I believe in my daughter. It’s just that she’s too little. A role in this serious war film is very responsible and great,” – said Melnikov.
На Анастасию Мельникову наорали из-за дочери

Anastasia added that the film will shoot for several years. The actress considers this circumstance as a positive. “This time will give the opportunity to see how the war changed the main character for just one day,” says celebrity.

According to Melnikova, her daughter dreams of becoming an actress. After the girl starred in “Jumble”, she says.

“Masha is studying in the tenth grade, but I have a feeling it will be moss. She is amazing! This is not my opinion, it is the opinion of teachers and Directors who work with her,” said Anastasia.

The actress is not important, what profession will you choose your daughter. Anastasia believes that the main thing – to grow a “decent, kind, sensitive, educated” person. According to Melnikova, Maria wants to get two educations at once – acting and in journalism. “She saw what happened to me when I spent a year sitting without professional work”, – quotes celebrity edition of “the St. Petersburg diary”.

Daughter Anastasia Melnikova Mary was born on 24 July 2002. The actress doesn’t like to talk about the father of the child. In his interview with the star mentioned that the man threw her on the fifth month of pregnancy. The result of Melnikov brought up the heir of one. Anastasia put a lot of effort to the girl in no way needed. It is known that Mary attends school and plays sports, including tennis and swimming.