On 82nd year of life died actor Mikhail Derzhavin

На 82-ом году жизни умер актер Михаил Державин
Today, 10 January 2018, it became known about death of the famous 81-year-old actor of Theatre of satire of Mikhail Derzhavin.

На 82-ом году жизни умер актер Михаил Державин

In the theater said that the cause of death was “a long serious illness”. Date of farewell and funeral are not yet known. It is worth noting that Michael was not only a talented artist but also a wonderful man, owner of a generous spirit and wonderful sense of humor.

На 82-ом году жизни умер актер Михаил Державин

On the eve of the New 2018 he shared a funny story:

“The most memorable story in my life happened on January 1. I then worked in the Lenin Komsomol Theater, and we had a fairy tale “a Wonderful meeting”, where I played a young man, enchanted horse. So I came in after the New year, but suddenly it turned out that my partner, who played a loving girlfriend, did not appear. In the theater of panic, calling the actress from the second composition, Nelly Gocheva. All fine and dandy, but Nelia on the ninth month of pregnancy and is about to give birth. But to do nothing – comes pregnant Gocheva and starts playing an innocent young girl, based on the story, the power of his love turns the horse, that is me, into a fine young man. In General, somehow I finished, we went out on the bow. And then I see how far some down the aisle to the stage is a little girl in a white apron, braids with big bows. Fits close to the stage on which we stand, and pregnant Gorevoy says, “Girl, let’s be friends. Come back tomorrow to play tag”. And in response he hears: “I can’t, I tomorrow to the hospital”.

Mikhail Derzhavin was married three times, he is survived by a daughter and two grandchildren.

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