On 69-m to year he died, the singer Charles Bradley

На 69-м году скончался певец Чарльз Брэдли

In new York on 69-th year, died a soul, funk and R&B singer Charles Bradley. Singer of the year fighting with cancer of the stomach and liver, and two weeks before his death has canceled all upcoming concerts.

На 69-м году скончался певец Чарльз Брэдли

In the official account of the singer on instagram were exhibited pictures which the representative of the deceased reported the sad news. “With a heavy heart that we announce that Charles Bradley has left us. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time” was written in the caption.

The doctors diagnosed him with Bradley terrible disease last year. A malignant tumor was obrazovalas in the stomach and caused a lot of pain for the performer. Despite this, but continued to give concerts for loyal fans. Early this month, the singer has canceled all his concerts in the US and Europe, saying that he could beat cancer of the stomach, but he came back and has spread to the liver.

“I love you all because you helped my dreams come true,” said Bradley in a statement. “When I return, I will be strong with the Lord’s love. With bodies I will come back soon.” but he was not destined again to return to the stage.

На 69-м году скончался певец Чарльз Брэдли

Carlh Edward Bradley was born in Florida in 1948. He did a lot of puteshestvoval the world and the country. That would earn money for food, he worked as a cook in a psychiatric hospital in Maine. For some time he had to be homeless. Unlike many stars, success and recognition came to him in the later stages of his career. He came on stage for the first time in the 60s, and their debut album recorded in 2011 alone. “It took 62 years, that people would find me,” says the artist in 2011 NPR, “but I thank God, because some was never found.”

In an interview with the popular publication Rolling Stones, 2016, the singer said that the first experience at a concert of James brown, the progenitor of funk, was spectacular. The performance took place at the Apollo Theater in new York in 1962. “I don’t know who James brown is, but it wanted to go,” says Bradley. “When they called James brown on stage, I will never forget that on stage glowed purple, and yellow spotlights — two of my favorite colors. And when they introduced him, he just took to the stage on one foot and said, “What the hell is going on here?”.”

“I was just mesmerized. I was just shocked. And said, “Wow, I’m something similar.” said the impressed singer, who in the future became famous thanks to the style of his idol and the legendary figure of the 2000s.

In 2012, the year about the artist was filmed a documentary, which was narrated years of his life and becoming a singer. Earlier this year he received an honorary Emmy award for the performance on CBS daytime TV.