Олимпиада 2016: почему мы ее никогда не забудем Main event sports held every four years, the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, was marked by a large number of scandals, the triumphs of Russian athletes, amazing personal stories, dramas and victories. On the closing day of the 2016 Olympics “StarHit” decided to recall the most discussed topics associated with this event that our countrymen long forgotten.

      Олимпиада 2016: почему мы ее никогда не забудем

      In the night of Monday Moscow time in Rio de Janeiro will be the closing of the summer Olympic Games, has become for our country, perhaps one of the most dramatic. The Russian team took the fourth place in the unofficial medal standings. Our athletes won nineteen awards of the higher test. However, impressive victories and climbing on pedestals – it’s not all that fans will remember about the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


      A few months before the main starts of the fourth anniversary of the Russian athletes came under terrible pressure from the unfolding doping scandal. For violating anti-doping rules of the IOC was suspended from the Olympic Games all athletes of Russia. The road to the awards has closed for 103 athletes. One of them came and celebrated vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva, which was planned for the Olympics in Rio victorious conclusion to his career. Two-time Olympic champion was very emotional over his dismissal, to the last fighting for the participation of Russian athletes in the Olympics. Queen of the pole did not skimp on positions in social networks, where, in particular, talked about the fact that the winner of the Olympics in pole vaulting without it will still be second. By the way, in the championship of Russia in which Yelena Isinbayeva took part in June of this year, she showed the best result of the season in the world. And he was not beaten at the Olympics in Rio. Who took the gold of the Greek Catherine, Stefanidi not enough five centimeters to Isinbayeva. Lena in the championship of Russia jumped 4 meters 90 centimeters, the result of the Greek athletes – 4 meters 85 centimeters.

      The sharp phrases in the Western sportsmen Isinbayeva condemned her colleague from Germany. Lisa Red, who showed at the Olympics is only the tenth result, felt that his remarks Yelena Isinbayeva has humiliated athletes from other countries. Yelena Isinbayeva was again in the center of a major scandal

      “Her phrase said over the last week, give the impression that she had nowhere to put the energy. It’s not very nice to belittle other athletes. “Pseudocystic athlete” — how can she is talking about us? If she thinks we are, we can also think about it, whatever,” said Lisa Red.

      But the games in Rio Queen of the pole still hit. During the Olympics, was elected as new IOC members, among whom was Yelena Isinbayeva, now she can defend the rights of athletes at the highest level. Another sensation of the Olympic games can be considered and a statement Isinbayeva about her departure from the sport, which she did during the press conference.

      The only Russian athlete that is allowed to compete in Rio de Janeiro, became a long jumper. Darya Klishina. The girl was trained and passed doping tests in the US, so questions to her initially sports officials were not. Daria was actively preparing for performances at the Olympics, but on 13 August the international Association of athletics federations said that still removes Klishina from competition on the basis of new information. Russian high jumper appealed this decision, and in the end Klishina allowed to compete. However, the athlete managed to take only the ninth place.

      “On arrival in Rio de Janeiro for two days, she took six dopram is unsettled. Yes, even before the start of this litigation where Dasha was attended by all those hours of defending his innocence. If not for all this hassle, it would be possible safely to rely on second or third place,” – explained in an interview to one of editions not a very good performance Daria her father Igor KLISHIN.

      Overall, our athletes at the Olympics had a hard time. The atmosphere was, to put it mildly, unfriendly. The fault is still the same doping scandal. We all remember how the bleachers booed our swimmers. As a swimmer from USA Lilly king, who won gold, immediately after the launch said in a press interview that our Yulia Efimova, who came second would have been dope. And the phrase American women quoted in the world media. Moreover, the competitors did not wished to congratulate Yulia with silver that is not accepted in the sport. After awarding our athlete gave an interview, no holding back tears of resentment. Yuliya Efimova told how thorny was the path to the Olympics, under what pressure she was constantly empty accusations of doping.

      Speaking about the Games in Rio, Julia compared them with the war. “It’s more like a war, not sports. Usually, the participation in the competition is something nice: you meet people from different countries, meeting with friends. My father told me that competition is something like a holiday, something positive. But this competition was just terrible,” the athlete shared his feelings about the Olympics. Its sporty character and will to win was stronger than all obstacles. Yuliya Efimova won in Rio two silver medals in the 100m and 200m breaststroke. Swimmer Yuliya Efimova was struck by the candid snapshots

      Олимпиада 2016: почему мы ее никогда не забудем

      But who, in the opinion of the President of Federation of wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili, not enough at the Olympics, the will to win, so it is the representatives of the women’s national wrestling Team. Father Tata Bondarchuk accused of beating female athletes

      Father Tata Bondarchuk, known as a good family man and a loving father and grandfather, intolerant of those who are lost. He harshly criticized Russia Natalia Vorobyeva and Valeria Koblova, who won the silver medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympics, calling them nobodies. And Inna Trjukovoe, who lost a bronze medal rival from Poland, and even raised his hand. Insulted the athlete intends to file a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office Mamiashvili, who said, that did the hard, but right.

      A lively response in the hearts of millions of Russians who are watching the events in Rio, found the tragic story of a trainer from Germany Stefan Henze. The lost coach on the Olympic games in Rio saved the lives of four people

      35-year-old man got in an accident during the Olympics, received a serious injury. Doctors few days struggled for life of an athlete, but their efforts failed. Despite the fact that Stefan died, his relatives decided to give life to four patients. They agreed on the transplant of internal organs of the deceased trainer. Heart, liver and two kidneys were successfully transplanted to other people. This courageous decision has led users of Networks from Russia in the rapture. Of course, the tragic death of a young trainer and saved by his life, will be included in the list of events that people will remember for many years.


      What emotions were in the air over the Rio during these two weeks: tears and joy, pain and happiness, and, of course, love.

      At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina made a splash. The athlete won medals of all advantages that have cost her considerable effort. The Russians are delighted with the triumph Aliya Mustafina in Rio

      Admitted as senior coach of Russia Valentina Rodionenko, Aliya was a back injury, but because 21-year-old girl had to overcome the pain, to brilliantly execute all exercises. For Mustafina was sick the whole country, but most of all was worried about her partner, bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev. Young athletes met last fall. Despite the fact that the couple has been together less than a year, they build serious plans for the future together. By the way, the girl intends in the next two years to break from the sport. Alia admitted that after this time it will be interesting to return, but “have no goals to get somewhere or something to win.” Fans of gymnasts suspect that she decided to take a break to become a mother.

      The Russian fans, of course, expected to win synchronized swimmers Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina. And famous “Russian mermaid” did not disappoint, leaving no chance to their rivals. But some experts suggested that Ishchenko after the birth of a child will not be able to return to the sport and especially show great results. Than live “Russian mermaid” Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina

      We will remind, after the performance at the Olympics in London 2012 synchronised swimmer decided to devote himself to the family. In 2013 Natalia Ischenko and her husband, the champion of diving Sergei Anikin son was born.

      “No need to make a feat that I returned to the sport — I’m not the only woman who continued to work after childbirth. A firm believer that everything in life can be combined — it would wish. In addition, the family and the child is not a hindrance to his career, but rather the opposite: only easier to achieve when there is a shoulder. I have a loving husband who supports me, a baby for whom you want to reach new heights,” said Ishchenko after returning to the pool.

      The second participant of the duet synchronised swimming, 26-year-old Svetlana is thinking about how to end her career after the games in Rio de Janeiro. She explains the plans that her health is undermined, and to make each time becomes more difficult. However, to fully to say goodbye to water sports Romashina not going to. The last time the girl interested in the frigates and learns to sail. This fascination with the girl, “infecting” her husband Nikolai Zakharov, who not the first year operates the yacht. By the way, Svetlana and her partner thinking about how to have a baby. Probably after the games in Rio Romashina decide to go on maternity leave.

      The unique story of the cyclist Olga Zabelin. She made her debut at the Olympics in London in 2012 at the age of 32 years. The mother of two children, won two bronze medals. Despite the fact that the sport she was not allowed to do since childhood! The diagnosis of “congenital heart defect” sounded like a death sentence. But Olga and mom found a doctor who took responsibility and allowed the girl to ride a bike… After the London Olympics, in April 2013, Olga gave birth to her third child – a daughter. A few months have already performed at the world Cup and then qualified on the second Olympic games, where he performed brilliantly! 10 Aug Olga Zabelin won the silver medal, losing only a few seconds an American athlete.

      Olympic champion in Rio, whose brilliant performance has delighted fans of rhythmic gymnastics, Rita Mamun started this sport very late – at the age of seven. It is believed that the ideal age for joining the gym four years. Before Rita had time to figure skate, but quickly left the mother was afraid she would fall down on the ice. Gymnastics napugalo already Rita. “When I came into the hall, stunned, seeing that the girls my age. But I got into,” – told the athlete. Camps and tournaments have taken her so much time that the gymnast missed the school prom.

      “When the class learned that I’m not coming, nobody at all could not understand: how can you miss the prom? And even then fleetingly I haven’t regretted it: life became from year to year more and more interesting”, – said Mamun about the beginning of his career.

      To win in Rio Rita Mamun was not planned, saying that the dream is just to get to the Olympics and to act there adequately. According to the coach Mamun Amina Zaripova, this girl has a Spartan character. She came more than once to speak through the pain from serious injury.


      Despite the fact that Russia was unable to compete at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro at full strength because of the disqualification of a number of strong athletes in athletics, shooting, swimming, rowing and several other types, nevertheless the Russians have more than proved themselves worthy in at the XXXI summer Olympic games. More than 50 medals won by Russia, proved everything to everyone. Olympics 2016: memorable than the first week of Games

      Brilliantly acted Russian fencers who brought four gold medals in the General coin box of the national team. The winners of the Games were our judoists, wrestlers of Greek-Roman and free styles, swimmers and representatives of rhythmic gymnastics. Pleased the Russian fans of tennis players, handball players and the representative of Russia in the modern pentathlon.

      The account of the victories of Russia on the Olympic games opened judoka Beslan Mudranov, won a landslide victory in the final of the tournament. The second gold brought to our team Yana egorianwinning a fencing saber at the Russians also Sofya Velikaya. Later, already in the team with Julia Gavrilova girls won another gold in a moneybox of the national Team. It is noteworthy that the owner of loud names and the huge number of titles on the European and world Championships in saber Sophia Great to never have won at the Olympics. In 2013, she gave birth to a son, and then returned to the sport and won the top award.

      Hassan Halmurzaev became the Olympic champion in Rio judo in the category up to 81 kg In the final he won a clear victory over American Travis Stevens.

      Olympic champion in fencing has become Inna Deriglazova. In the end she in a persistent duel has shown the will to win and losing three injections still pulled out a victory at the Italian ELISA di Francesca.

      Perfectly made, a team of Russian foil fencers Alexey Cheremisinov, Arthur Akhmatkhuzin and Timur SafiMD In the final of the Russian fencers defeated the representatives of France with a score of 45:41.

      Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina won the gold in tennis doubles, beating in the final the Swiss Time Bachinski and Martin Hingis in two sets.

      Gymnast Aliya Mustafina has brought our country a gold medal in the uneven bars. She received from the judges of 15.9 points, thereby ahead of their rivals, American Madison Kocian and German Sophie Schöder. This medal completed the set of medals aliyah. At the Summer games in 2016, the athlete also managed to take silver and bronze in other disciplines.

      Olympic gold and on account of the Greco-Roman style Roman Vlasov. All the fights the leader of the tournament won, as befits a champion. But one of the fights he cut the nail and into the semi-final opponent is strangled so that the novel almost lost consciousness. The judge, however, did not stop the fight and even made comments.

      Presses Chakvetadze became the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in the weight category up to 85 kg, with a big advantage winning the final of Ukrainian Jean Belenko 9:2. Evgeny Tishchenko won gold in Rio in Boxing in the weight category up to 91 kg.

      Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina won Olympic gold in synchronized swimming in competition duets, leaving far behind all its rivals. To the pool they came second to last. Svetlana and Natalia appeared before the audience in the form of mermaids. And at some point it seemed that the Russians really were born in the water – so naturally they feel in this element. Their performance in the Olympic pool was simply magnificent. The image is fully consistent with the music, the synchronicity was perfect, and the pace and complexity – prohibitive. Compared to all competitors it was just another planet. Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina selected flag bearers at the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

      A team of Russian synchronized swimmers won the gold medal of the Olympic games in team competitions. Olympic Champions became Vlad chigiryova, Natalia Ishchenko, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Alexandra Patskevich, Svetlana Romashina, Alla Shishkina, Maria Shurochkina, Helena Topilin, Elena Prokofyeva. Sister Nyusha became the Olympic champion

      The top scorer for our team was the penultimate day of the Olympics. At once four awards of the highest test went to a symbolic piggy Bank August 20. Women’s team handball defeated in the final match of the French team with a score of 22:19 and won gold at the Olympics. This victory became the first in the newest history of Russia.

      20-year-old Margarita Mamun, whose statement has already been called outrageous, won at the Olympics in the individual all-around competition in rhythmic gymnastics.

      Abdulrashid Sadulayev won the gold at Rio in freestyle wrestling in the category up to 86 kg. In the final, he won the confidence of the Turkish fighter Selim Yasar with the score 5:0. Alexander Lesun won the Olympic gold in Rio 2016 modern pentathlon, showing the Olympic record in fencing.

      Eighteenth gold medal was brought to our country a national Team on rhythmic gymnastics on the final day of the Olympics. Vera Biryukova, Anastasiya Bliznyuk, Anastasia Maximova, Anastasia Tataria and Maria Tolkacheva received a rating of 18,633 points and took first place in the overall standings. After the ribbon exercise, the Russian athletes were in third place, but after the exercises with clubs and hoops took the lead and became the Olympic champion.

      And the final chord of the Olympic games was the ring Ossetian wrestler Soslan Ramonova. In the final he defeated the champion of OI-2012, Azerbaijani Togrul Asgarov. The game ended with the score 11:0 in favor of the Russian, who had filled up a moneybox of our national team the last, nineteenth, gold Rio de Janeiro.

      In addition, the team has seventeen silver and twenty bronze medals. Our athletes have proved to be stronger than many athletes in Cycling, sport shooting, swimming, wrestling, gymnastics, sailing, rowing, water Polo.

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