Olympic champion Sofia Velikaya became a mother for the second time

Олимпийская чемпионка Софья Великая стала мамой во второй раз Athlete gave birth to a daughter with Alexei Mishin. The baby was born on the 14th of October. Fans rushed to congratulate the happy parents and wished the newborn perfect health.

Sophia the Great and Alexei Mishin have been together for many years. They are not accustomed to privacy, therefore, rarely give interviews and appear at social events. The couple has a young son, Oleg, and 14 October, they again became parents. This information was officially confirmed by the team on its website.

“On October 14, the Olympic Champions of major Alexei Mishin (Greco-Roman wrestling) and captain Sofya Velikaya (fencing) a daughter. We remind you that the couple already has a son Oleg. Colleagues and friends of the athletes I wish the family good health”, – reported in the statement.

Recall that Sophia Velikaya won Olympic gold in 2016 in the team competition. Until this young woman has twice received silver medals. Her husband Alexei Mishin won at major sporting events in the world in 2004.

After the first childbirth Sophia pretty quickly came to form. So, she told me that within three months after the appearance of the son of light, went with him on a trip to several countries of the world. According to the young women, the boy is perfectly resistant to such trips and everywhere accompanies her famous mother.

And the Great, and Mishin still continue to perform well in international competitions. The couple see each other infrequently, but it, apparently, does not affect their relationship.

Yelena Isinbayeva was quick to congratulate the happy parents on such a significant event.

“Dear Sophia and Alex! I congratulate You on the birth of daughter! Grow healthy and happy,” – wrote the athlete on Instagram.

Subscribers Helena joined her. They wished the baby good health and happiness. “A magical event. Heartiest congratulations Sophia and Alexis”, “Let the girl rising champion, like her parents”, “I Think this kid won’t be the last. Such a beautiful pair of kids must be a lot,” wrote fans athletes social networks.

It is unknown how the happy parents will name her daughter. Sofia and Alex have not been in touch with the fans. It is possible that in the next few days they will confirm the news about the new addition to the family and tell about the first days of life of the daughter.