Олимпийская чемпионка вынуждена покинуть спорт из-за рака American skier Kikkan Randall told the fans that the doctors found she had breast cancer. So far, however, experts make positive predictions about the treatment, but the Olympic champion is confident that the illness will forever change her life.
Олимпийская чемпионка вынуждена покинуть спорт из-за рака

21 February 2018 American skier Kikkan Randall has publicly stated that she is the happiest person in the world. Still, to win an Olympic gold in 35 years, when many have already done career — only the most persistent athletes.

Despite huge success in their careers, participation in competitions Kikkan have yet to forget, because recently doctors diagnosed women with breast cancer. Skier decided not to hide the problem from the fans and told about the disease in one of the social networks.

“Despite the fact that we caught it and the doctors make good predictions, my life will change in the coming months,” shared Randall.
Олимпийская чемпионка вынуждена покинуть спорт из-за рака

According to skiers, it is quite a long time I was afraid to know the diagnosis, and then could not understand why the disease got it. Now, however, the period of depression passed, and Randall intends by any means to be healed. The Olympic champion told the fans that already went for treatment in one of the best Oncology centers in anchorage.

“I promised myself I would stay positive, active and open. I’m going to bring to this struggle the same stamina, strength and energy as I had in my life throughout sports career. Chemotherapy started on Monday, and the first time I went through the procedure of being surrounded by friends and loved ones,” — said the athlete.

Fans immediately decided to support Kikkan, noting that such a stubborn man, repeatedly confront the trials of life, will be able to overcome the disease. The athlete said that he was going to continue to share with followers the progress of treatment and nuances of chemotherapy.

Now with Randall is her husband, former ski racer Jeff Ellis. The couple has a son Breck, who will be two years. Now caring for the boy took over the relatives of the athletes.

Fans of Randall are confident that it will be able to cope with the disease, because the prognosis of the doctors was positive. However, after a long recovery, the skier is unlikely to return to the sport.