Оливия Уайлд чуть не родила в туннеле
The actress and her husband were preparing to deliver a baby in the car.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis


The star of the show
“House’s” Olivia Wilde, which is a little over a week ago gave birth to her
the second child, told us about an extreme adventure that had
to survive her and her fiance Jason Sudeikis. It all started with the fact that the pregnant woman
the last time Olivia really wanted to get to the widely publicized
show Beyonce. The actress wanted to enjoy the promised spectacular show with
incredible costumes and dances. And on the way the car
Sudeikis in which Olivia went to the concert, got into a terrible car
tube. And just at this time, the actress felt the contractions starting. This
the story she told the reporter of the website mirror.co.uk.

The problem
Olivia was not only that her “steel horse” stuck in
the congestion of cars. The situation was aggravated by the fact that it happened not just on the highway
but in a long road tunnel, where it was much harder to get out. “As
we were told shortly before that there was a serious accident and resulted in
the tunnel has accumulated an incredible amount of cars. We stood there for over an hour, and
suddenly I felt bad. I don’t know what it was — whether I was worried about
the fact that we are already half an hour late for the concert, or I just very seasick…
But the contractions became more frequent. My husband was preparing to take delivery in
car, but fortunately, the traffic jam finally began to “disappear”…” — told

It’s funny that
when an exhausted Wilde’s fiancé finally got to hospital, contractions
stopped and had it only a few days after the incident. Actress
I sang to share with the fans the first photo of his newborn daughter,
which it gave the name Daisy Josephine.