Olivia Munn has denied the rumors about the affair with Chris Pratt

Оливия Манн опровергла слухи о романе с Крисом Праттом

In August last year, the star of the film “Guardians of Galaxy” Chris Pratt and actress pictures scary movie Anna Farris has announced the departure after 10 years of relationship. After that, the media became particularly interested in who the stars will lead next novel. So recently there were rumors about the novel Chris Pratt, Olivia Munn. The reason for this was the joint March of the stars in one of the restaurants of Hollywood. The actress denied the rumors in to your account instagram in the stories.

Оливия Манн опровергла слухи о романе с Крисом Праттом

“1. Not every woman despises her ex-husband or upset because of the divorce. 2. Not every woman hates the new girlfriend of their ex. 3. Even if I met Chris, according to some tabloids, on our with Anna Farris this relationship would not be affected. We treat each other with much more respect than some people think. 4. We have Chris not having an affair,” wrote Mann.

Olivia decided to personally appeal to the ex-wife Pratt: “hi! I would never respond to the rumors of the tabloids, but since we know each other, I want to address you personally and say that Chris isn’t having an affair, all the rumors are lies. I’m sure you know this, maybe you don’t care, but I just want to personally tell you is true.”

“Hi! Oh my God this city is so crazy! I love you,” replied Olivia Anna.

As reported by foreign news portal TMZ, the legal documents of Chris and Anna pointed out the same reason for their divorce is “irreconcilable differences.” They also expressed the desire that we want to obtain joint custody of his son 5 — year-old Jack. Is amicable by chance. In his statement to the fans about the breakup the couple said that they remain friends: “We sadly announce that took a joint decision to divorce. For a long time we tried hard to save the marriage, and now are incredibly disappointed. Our son has parents who love him very much, and for his sake we want to keep the separation within the family, to make it as personal. We still love each other and we will always appreciate our time together and to have mutual respect.”

The actors first met on the set of a movie directed by Michael daws “Take me home”, where Anne played the main character’s sister, and Pratt played the role of Kyle Masterson. On the set of this Comedy series pair felt a kinship between each other, then they decided to have a relationship. A year later, in the summer of 2009, the couple legalized their relationship.
But after years of living together, last year began to appear the rumors about tension between the couple. Then, Chris caught the paparazzi captured him without a wedding ring.

A source told the newspaper People that Faris was often unhappy when her beloved for a long time was late on the set. The pair is always very difficult experienced distance.

In December last year, Anna communicated with their fans in her podcast called “Anna Faris Is Unqualified”, which reported that “very insulted” by rumors that go around about her marriage.

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