Оливия Калпо тренируется вместе со своей сестрой Софией

Olivia culpo has teamed up with her younger sister Sofia, to conduct exercises with sister! Olivia – a sports bra and leggings, which could become even fashionable clothes for the street.
27-year-old Olivia culpo was glowing during a training session with his 23-year-old sister Sophia, and not only because the former miss universe was in red! Washboard abs, visible between sports bra and Olivia leggings, both look like a fire engine red color that is good can be seen on the slide show of photos on social network Instagram, in which Olivia talked about his training with his sister on December 10. Sophia also did some posing for the camera in her slinky track suit, stylish thanks to the ribbed fabric. Despite the different tastes in the form of training clothes, the two sisters took up exercise, which included the need for putting on special gloves attached to the band for resistance. But they are not always sinhroniziruete performing their exercises, apparently.

Оливия Калпо тренируется вместе со своей сестрой Софией
“Sister, sister… sometimes we even want to kill each other… sometimes we want to train together,” joked Olivia in the message header on Tuesday. The sisters even took it a friendly rivalry in the kitchen the next day, after Olivia shared a post about exercise! Sister made cookies with a friend on December 11, and Olivia and Sophia captured this contest in its history in Instagram. Sofia claimed that baked treats Olivia had the taste of “Play-Doh”, and insisted that her cookies are the best choice.
Despite the fact that lunch was a great number of cookies, Olivia adheres to a relatively strict diet plan and workouts, that rather it requires a press. She even revealed the secrets of his appearance in an interview in November, saying: “Cardio is a huge and important part of our work for getting press! When I run regularly, I can actually reach the press, comparable to those when I do the regular body exercises”. In addition to the run, Olivia enjoys Pilates, and her trainer Pilates confesses that she “ideally” trying to do the exercise “five times a week”, but only when she is not traveling.

In addition to Sofia, another favorite person Olivia enjoys spending time, is her new boyfriend, 23-year-old star of the HCAA, the player Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey. Their mutual exchange of “likes” in Instagram in may, was transformed into a full-fledged relationship. “Their relationship is developing well and easily. They are having fun. They are both very sporty and take good care of themselves, so they have a lot in common,” the source said earlier in December. The insider added: “Olivia loves that he enjoys what she’s doing, and it’s different dynamics and relationships for her.”

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