Олигарх Дерипаска отсудил миллион у секс-тренера Лесли и его подопечной The businessman won the case – now Alex Leslie and Anastasia Rybka are required to delete the records of conversations made secretly, and also photos and videos. The court satisfied the claim of the businessman partially. Sex-brawlers must pay the tycoon a million rubles in moral damages.
Олигарх Дерипаска отсудил миллион у секс-тренера Лесли и его подопечной

The share sex coach Alex Leslie and his ward Nasty Fish fell for another problem: now they have to pay one million rubles oligarch Oleg Deripaska. In the spring the businessman has filed a lawsuit to prosecute the girl and her coach for the disclosure of personal information – photos and secretly recorded his conversations. The girl generously shared joint pictures taken during a holiday with him on the yacht, and also stated that there is audio, where we discuss political issues.

“Both defendants are charged for 500 thousand rubles compensation for moral damage. In addition, the court ordered them to remove from the Internet all the widespread photo – and video materials, as well as comments to them, prohibiting their publication in the future,” – said the assistant President of the court Oksana Boiko.
Олигарх Дерипаска отсудил миллион у секс-тренера Лесли и его подопечной

As it turned out, the businessman Deripaska will receive less than half of the amount requested. However, Alexander Kirillov (real name Alex Leslie) and Anastasia Vashkevich (Nasty Fish) will have a month to challenge the decision in a higher court. The hearing was held behind closed doors – indeed, on the part of defendants was not even representatives.

Yourself Leslie Fish to appear in court could not – now they are in Thailand, where from February are in jail on charges of illegal organization sex training in the territory of Asian countries. July 19 will be another hearing in the case, where in addition to Alex and Nastya are still six people who are charged with a fairly serious article related to the organization of prostitution in the criminal group.

Originally Nastya ironically belonged to a claim of billionaire Deripaska, believing that its claim is based solely on jealousy. The girl who teaches his followers the seduction of wealthy men, hoping to avoid punishment. “Oleg Deripaska jealous of Alex Leslie and sue me in court. For this reason I am very much laughing and announce the casting of lawyers. Best of you I will give the chance to introduce me in this ridiculous process,” said Nastya in the winter, but, apparently wishing to protect her in this case was not so much.

Who is Nastya Fish: scandal Oleg Deripaska and an insult to Pavel Durov

Alex Leslie became famous for a series of books on the relationship between a man and a woman. He arranged the training sessions, helping everyone to become more relaxed in dealing with the opposite sex. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, his lawyer tried to negotiate with the representative of the interests of Mr. Deripaska to the businessman abandoned money claims, and those, in turn, recognize their actions unlawful.