Муж Ольги Рапунцель пытался задушить тещу Spouse Olga Rapunzel is not on good terms with the wife’s mother: he is in conflict with Tatyana Vladimirovna. Recently Dmitry Dmitrenko in a rage, had almost killed a woman, but, fortunately, managed to stop in time.
Муж Ольги Рапунцель пытался задушить тещу

The conflict of fathers and children continued in the family of participants of the scandalous project “DOM-2” Dmitry Dmitrenko and Olga Rapunzel. A young man struggling to show his best side: constantly speaks of love for family, friends, inner harmony, but sometimes doing terrible things. The other day in a fit of aggression, Dmitry was nearly strangled mother wife Tatyana Vladimirovna, who had suffered much from careless-in-law. About the violation the head of the family openly said in an interview with the leading show Ksenia Borodina.

“This woman has been my home. She doesn’t respect me. Why I choked her? It happened when she started to cuss me. I set the condition to his wife: it’s me or her”, — said Dmitry.
Муж Ольги Рапунцель пытался задушить тещу

Dmitrenko also noted: he was not satisfied with the fact that mother-in-law constantly creeps into his life with Olga, gives advice on how to properly raise a daughter. Dmitry annoying that mother and sister from forcing a spouse to leave the show, because they are afraid that the project may have a negative impact on the psyche of their daughter Vasilisa, which in early August will be only four months.

Ksenia Borodina, in turn, advised Dimitrenko to talk with the mother and ask the woman not to meddle in their family. Moreover, Borodin accused the participant of “House-2” is that it is disrespectful to the family of his beloved wife. Olga herself Rapunzel caught between two fires: she loves her husband, but is afraid to betray her mother.

The couple told fans the happy news: they are back on the show along with a newborn daughter.

Olga Rapunzel returned to the “HOUSE-2” with three-month daughter

Муж Ольги Рапунцель пытался задушить тещу“Finally moved everything up and moved to “the HOUSE-2″. The sun is my clear, my daughter, my Love. Our miracle of miracles. Today you three months to grow healthy, beautiful, smart mother and dad. Your smile is priceless. Mom and dad love you very much, our Princess. Very soon we will introduce our baby to you” — said a happy Rapunzel in his microblog.

The arrival of the infamous couple on the project caused a lot of indignation from those who have been watching the show. Some felt that young parents do not have to live on, so they returned to the Clearing, while others believe: Olga and Dima is ready to risk his own daughter for the sake of popularity.