Olga’s husband Rapunzel left home because of her mom

Муж Ольги Рапунцель ушел из дома из-за ее мамы Dmitry Dmitrenko ready to spend the night in the stairwell, so as not to see the mother of his wife. Tatyana has decided to help the spouses after the birth of her daughter, but the man does not want her presence in his house.
Муж Ольги Рапунцель ушел из дома из-за ее мамы

April 1 stars “House-2” Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko first became parents. They were happy that their family had a long-awaited daughter. However, while the little girl did not choose the name.

In a couple’s lives were different times – the girl was ready to file for divorce and raise the child. She returned telestroke, however, later Dmitry was able to get back into the wife. As it turned out, even after the baby is born in the house Rapunzel and Dimitrenko have not ceased fighting. As it turned out, while the mother of the girl Tatyana decided to live together with the couple to help them with raising the baby. However, the man was not happy with this idea Tiffany.

“On the second day after discharge, he we started to make the brain! In General, all started initially they with Olga something. I lived with them for four days, but can’t tell you what happened there: they are silent, silent, silent… And then Dima began to throw his things and shouting: “Where are my documents? I now fly to Vladivostok, buy a ticket,” recalled the mother of Rapunzel.

The woman was to stop the wife daughter. She wanted him cold and thought better of it. However, entreaties had no effect on the man. However, Dmitry decided not to fly to the other side of the country and returned home. Dimitrenko has warned the spouse that doesn’t want to see her mother. He even put a condition that he will not return to the apartment, if Tatiana will live with them. As a protest he is even ready to spend the night in the stairwell.

“Come, be. I said, “I’m sorry you’re not gone.” He then writes Ola: “I’m not going home, there is your mother. She humiliates me, blackmails and insults”. Although I do not see! Here he is sitting in doorways, sleeping there for two days. Where am I blackmailing him? He is almost blackmailing, saying that he would not return home until her mother”, – quotes the words mom Rapunzel Dom2Life.

For the sake of family happiness of her daughter, the woman was forced to return to the project “House-2”. Family Dimitrenko and Rapunzel is famous for scandals not so long ago Olga talked about the fact that aunt wife, who replaced his mother, dislikes her. Mother of Dmitry Dmitrenko plagues pregnant Rapunzel