Муж Ольги Бузовой развлекся на курорте с роскошной брюнеткой
Not yet divorced the footballer went to relax in the hot region.

Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @tarasov23 Instagram Dmitriy Tarasov

While Olga Buzova travels the country with performances in Nightclubs, Dmitry Tarasov, without waiting for the official divorce with TV-star flew to rest on the sea. As the support group he took with him his family: his mom and sister.

The other day in the microblog player appeared picture together with luxurious brunette, caused a stir in the Network. According along she is an actress and probably showed for the athlete and his family a little show. Now, however, when around his divorce with Buzova raging Mexican passion, this picture provoked a strong reaction of subscribers.

Needless to say that after the publication of fans immediately attributed Tarasov affair with long legged beauty? It seems that in a similar situation now risks being any girl caught in the immediate vicinity. Loving Dmitri, by the way, according to most fans of a movie star, and caused a scandalous divorce Buzova and Tarasova. Some time ago he attributed an affair with model Anastasia Kostenko, who is rumored to have separated “tarabuco”.

Recall that the official divorce waiting for Olga and Dmitriy on the eve of the New year — December 30. Spouses will divide property, because, according to the athlete, before the marriage they signed a prenuptial agreement, according to which Buzova can count on half of his capital, earned during the life together with the star.