Olga’s husband Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov took off his wedding ring

Муж Ольги Бузовой Дмитрий Тарасов снял обручальное кольцо

Rumors of an impending divorce, couples are becoming more similar to the truth.

The news about the separation of this pair sounded like thunder from a clear sky. Footballer Dmitry Tarasov and TV presenter Olga Buzova and after 4 years of marriage acting like teenage sweethearts. But lately in her microblog on Instagram started appearing with posts, full of sad thoughts about love and fidelity.

No wonder that the army of fans of the star couple immediately began to worry: didn’t break up their idols? In the press immediately rumors. And they seem quite reasonably. The last photograph published in social networks Tarasov, speaks for itself in a couple of serious disorder. Otherwise, why even Dmitry to remove the ring from the ring finger?!

What happened between the lovers, we can only guess. However, fans do not lose hope that soon the family relations tarabarinov will improve. First, more-or-less convincing reasons for the breakup, the all-knowing journalists have not yet discovered. Second, this pair has always had a special passion, and, as they say, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. Well, an engagement ring, which is now being actively discussed in the network, Tarasov sometimes shot even in the most serene periods of family life. For example, during holiday or at the gym.

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Recall, a leading “House-2” and player of “Locomotive” met in 2011. Dmitry Tarasov at that time was married, but soon announced the breakup with his wife and began to take care of a glamorous blonde.

26 Jun 2012 Buzova and Tarasov have formalized their relationship. Registration was held in the Griboedov registry office. In order to celebrate a wedding with 70 guests, the lovers took ship (read more HERE).

From that moment on, the pair were inseparable. In a recent interview to Woman’s day Olga Buzova said the couple expect a child (read more HERE).

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