Olga Zarubina continues to get to Alexander Malinin

Ольга Зарубина продолжает докапываться до Александра Малинина
For many years, the ex-wife of Alexander Malinin Olga Zarubin tries to knock him out of money, talking about depression to my daughter, who knows nothing of his father.

Ольга Зарубина продолжает докапываться до Александра Малинина

Olga Zarubina continues to throw mud at Alexander Malinin, showing off his cheating

As you know their marriage did not last long and almost immediately after the birth of their daughter Kira, they broke up, and soon officially divorced. Zarubin left to the States, got married, gave the daughter the name and surname of the new husband and began to hint that Kira and not from the book at all.

But all this happened until he died and she was left without a livelihood. By the time Kira was leading an asocial life without prospects to normal operation.

That’s when I remembered Alexander Malinin, which was just obliged to take care of unhappy daughter. As is known, attempts to establish relations were, but Zarubina need not have relationships, and money.

Ольга Зарубина продолжает докапываться до Александра Малинина

Iterating through all the talk shows and having owed her a fee, she was quiet for a while, but now went to the “second circle”, telling as much as her 31-year-old daughter from a lack of attention from the well-known father.

However, he forgets that his daughter did not even know that you suddenly feel the shortage of its attention, but who cares. Zarubina has already reached the point that claims that he has changed Malinin, because he deserves that.

It is possible that Malinin is not the most honest man, and his wife Emma did not the noblest woman in the world, but they are just “angels” compared to Olga Zarubina.

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