Ольга Забелинская: «Ради Рио я крутила педали на 4-й день после родов»

About the tragedy Yelena Isinbayeva, who returned to the sport after giving birth to daughter eve, and suspended from participation in the Olympics in Rio, they know everything. But history, alas, is not the only one! Cyclist from St. Petersburg, 36-year-old Olga Zabelin found the strength to continue his athletic career after the birth of her third child! But now her performance at the Olympics is also in question.

Four years ago, Russia’s Olga Zabelin played at the Olympics in London and won two bronze medals. Agree, the result is worthy. Here in Brazil Olga is not without reason to expect to win. But fate in the face of the IOC and the Cycling Federation decided differently.

In 2014 the body of the athletes was found a prohibited drug – octopamine. Zabelin was then able to prove that the substance was in her system by accident.

Ольга Забелинская: «Ради Рио я крутила педали на 4-й день после родов»Olga Zabelin – the double prize-winner of Olympic games in London
Ольга Забелинская: «Ради Рио я крутила педали на 4-й день после родов»Children athletes support the mother in a difficult moment

However, on June 24 the international Olympic Committee decided that the competition in Rio will be suspended all Russian athletes, whose biography was a positive doping test. In their number they got and Olga Zabelin. Although officially dismiss she said no. Therefore, the athlete also flew to Brazil.

I turned to the last pedal, and on the 4th day after birth Evelina again sat in the saddle!

“While talking with absolute certainty about removal impossible. We still have the opportunity to submit a protest to court of arbitration for Sport application Russian athletes visiting Committee in Brazil should consider within 24 hours, – said the cyclist Olga Zabelin Woman’s Day. – Sit back, we’re not going to fight to the end.”

In Brazil, Olga went not one. With her in the capital of the Olympic games arrived her husband Yury Anoshin – it functions as a personal trainer, athletes, and their three children: 12-year-old Bogdan, 8-year-old Vitali and 3-year-old Evelyn is after the birth of Olga immediately started training.

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“After the birth of my daughter many asked me not if I plan to finish my career and immerse themselves in family life and parenting? Still, three children, mother of many children. Answer: no! – says Olga Zabelin. – Moreover, during the last pregnancy, I was depriving myself of all those little joys that women allow themselves during this period. You can relax, eat something sweet. I turned to the last pedal, and on the fourth day after birth, Evelina once again sat in the saddle! All my thoughts were directed to return to his former physical shape and prepare for the Olympic games in 2016.

If you can make it to Rio will be great, no – life wedge will not converge. In the end, this season we have more European and world Championships, tournaments, no less prestigious. And there about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo can consider.”

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