Olga Wind keeps secret from the son’s drug addiction father

Ольга Ветер держит в секрете от сына наркозависимость отца Eks-the participant “Houses-2” I do not know how to explain the “disappearance” of the Pope. Recently Gleb Zhemchugov turned into a rehab centre to get rid of addiction. However, he did not speak to the little Misha, with whom he regularly sees after his divorce from Olga the Wind, why not for a while.
Ольга Ветер держит в секрете от сына наркозависимость отца

May 24 it became known that eks-the participant “Houses-2” Gleb Zhemchugov got into a rehabilitation center to overcome drug addiction. He turned for help to the experts. It is unknown how long the 29-year-old man will spend in the hospital.

Gleb has a son Mike who was born in the marriage with Olga in the Wind. Ex-participant reality show tried to be a good father for a child, very often went to see him, participated in his upbringing. However, the former spouse Zhemchugova admitted that the man was not informed that for some time to interrupt a meeting with a child for treatment in drug treatment center.

“He didn’t warn me in advance and does not explain to the son why it will not be long to see him. But it would be foolish to explain to the child the father’s absence that he goes to the “narcologic”, – said Olga.

Now for a few days stay in the clinic Gleb feels good. Friends trying to visit him and say that he looks good and well kept. In recognition of his friend Timur Garafutdinova, Pearls will be in rehab for at least three weeks in early June, the experts will evaluate the condition of the former participant “Houses-2”. However, it was originally planned that the man will stay there for a month and a half.

Now friends Gleb glad he is in a clinic under the supervision of doctors. They hope it will do him good, and Pearls will forever refuse to use banned substances. More than a year ago, rumors spread that the man was asked to leave the project “House-2” because of the drugs. Then the star of the reality show told me that it has nothing to do with reality, but the true causes were never called.

For Olga the Wind the news of drug use by her ex-husband was unpleasant. She doesn’t know what caused him to take a banned substance. According to her, when they were still one family, Gleb did not allow himself such.

“During our life together Gleb had no problem with illegal substances”, — said Olga Wind Dom2Life.