Olga Wind blames the troubles supernatural forces

Ольга Ветер винит в бедах сверхъестественные силы The star of “House-2” is looking for the cause permanent health problems. Olga Veter regularly complains to the fans that she and her son Mike are sick. Because of this, the kid has to skip kindergarten.

For a couple of months Olga the Wind is sharing with fans the sad news – her son Mike regularly hurts. Because of this, the boy is forced to stay at home, although only recently a young mother put him in kindergarten. The Wind is also tough – it is necessary to adjust the schedule depending on the child’s health. Former participant of “House-2” upset that immediately after Mike recovers, cold starts it. A young mother does not understand what it can be connected. Now the child was ill again. Olga is ready to go to desperate measures for the sake of his son.

“The doctors were, tomorrow will go. But they are all useless. I don’t know how to treat, what to treat, what to give. Already sick from these drugs, sniffles, cough and temperature. Want in may to take the sea in the Krasnodar region. Whether it is necessary? Not the season after. Not to bathe. Just breathe, take a walk.But I don’t know what to do, where to take him, who to show. Maybe we jinxed?” – said the ex-participant reality show to his fans.

Followers of Olga hastened to share its experience in combating illnesses of kids. Some believed that the problem lies in the fact that in the kindergarten of Chad often become infected from each other. Other young mothers thought that maybe the boy is just uncomfortable to be in their group among their peers.

“My baby is sick every month with bronchitis and the doctors do not recommend to give to the garden, sitting with him at home up to six years. Sport and educational sessions in small groups. To six or seven the immune system stronger, the school generally does not hurt, is now finishing first grade. All the doctors helped the pulmonologist, clever doctor fell”, “It’s an adjustment. We in two years I went to kindergarten and the year we were sick constantly. Now we are five years old and sick only in the fall and spring. In the winter if I show up every day, it does not hurt”, “many children have the same problem who go to kindergarten. Have heard repeatedly from moms, soon recovered, went to the garden again”, said subscribers will Wind.

Olga complained to the fans that due to an unstable immune system suffers her wealth – she can’t work because forced to stay home with the baby.

“I live on advertising, can’t work as my son was constantly sick. And Yes, I have not filed for child support,” – said Olga during the communication with subscribers.