Olga Veter spoke about a new novel by Gleb Strawberries

Ольга Ветер высказалась о новом романе Глеба Клубнички Eks-the participant “Houses-2” touches the fact that her ex-elect is already making love to another. According to Olga the Wind, it is also unfortunate that it is still legal husband allows himself to compare it with the current girlfriend.

      Ольга Ветер высказалась о новом романе Глеба Клубнички

      Care Olga Wind of the TV project “House-2” for many was not a surprise. For a long time the young mother and her husband Gleb Zhemchugov was breaking, swearing, and publicly broke up in the air the reality show. At some point Olga is tired of scandals, took the little boy and left the telestroke. The first two weeks Gleb Zhemchugov attempted to return to his beloved, but she left his pleas ignored.

      Realizing that to convince the Wind not succeed, Pearls sent all the forces to build a new relationship. Hleb admitted he was in love with Lisa Polygalova and ready for it all. Despite the fact that the solution of Olga the Wind to get away from the wife was quite conscious and deliberate, its touched by the fact that the former chosen one so quickly retreated and switched to another girl. As it turned out, a young mother held a grudge against the father of her child also because he allowed himself to broadcast a reality show to compare it with the new lover. Gleb talked on the topic of attractiveness of both ladies, and emphasizing the disadvantages of each of them.

      Ольга Ветер высказалась о новом романе Глеба Клубнички“Of course, I knew that Hleb could be attracted to another, but it was frustrating when during a live broadcast he started to compare me with Lisa Polygalova, to say who is more attracted to his appearance. I admit, it hurt,” said Olga Wind.

      By the way, eks-the participant “Houses-2” believes that the new girlfriend of glib is not experiencing any feelings for him, and he to her. Wind is convinced that the Pearls breaking Comedy just to annoy her, and Polygalova got involved in this story for the sake of the project. The opinion of the winner of competition “person of the year in the “House-2” I agree and many of the inhabitants of telestroke. However, as things are actually, perhaps, time will tell.

      Ольга Ветер высказалась о новом романе Глеба Клубнички

      Serious complaints from Olga and Gleb to each other there. Soon the couple are planning to legally divorce and to continue to communicate as parents of adorable boy Misha. The wind does not intend to impede the meetings of father and son, and that, in turn, is ready to help in the upbringing and maintenance of the child.

      Gleb Zhemchugov: “Olga would not file for alimony after a divorce”

      “I do think that men humiliating if he has to sue for child support! confessed Gleb “StarHit”. I won’t pay only for one simple reason – Olga will not go to court. The official component of alimony, in my opinion, is addressed only to those who do not love their children, and irresponsible to them. I will always help my son not some limited amount, and in whatever way I can. I will give the last if necessary”.