Olga Veter openly talked about the relationship with Zhemchugova son

Ольга Ветер откровенно рассказала об отношениях Жемчугова с сыном The former participant “Houses-2” explained that her ex-husband began Dating a child. According to the young women, Gleb Zhemchugov tries to visit two-year-old Misha, at least twice a week.

Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov was one of the most prominent couples in the history of the TV project “Dom-2”. The couple are long divorced, but both try to pay attention to education of his son Misha.

In a recent interview she admitted that now Hleb is seen with the child much more frequently than before. He buys the child gifts and sits with him when a young woman is preoccupied with issues.

“Gleb sometimes we have three days in a row, and sometimes arrives once a week. Somehow he worked a lot and did not see son for two weeks. The field of this break, the former husband went to see us a few days in a row at least for a few hours,” says the Wind.

The child loves to spend time with the father, and the young woman did not prevent their communication. Gleb and Olga maintained a friendly relationship despite the divorce. Now they are building a career, but try as often as possible to see my two year old Misha.

Wind said that those days when she’s busy at work, Oleg gladly takes on the responsibility for the care of the son. On Instagram men appear regularly videos and pictures with Misha that cause tenderness from fans of the star couple. “The child is very similar to you. See how he loves daddy”, “Such a cute baby. It is a pity that you and Olga broke up”, “Love your family no matter what” – comment on pictures Zhemchugova the heir of his fans.

Olga also spoke about their new relationship. Recently a young woman confessed that meets with the driving instructor, who once taught her. It turns out that the lovers ‘ affair did not begin immediately, because the Wind was married.

“Jack didn’t know I was a member of “House-2″. Told him that friends. He later admitted that I liked him in appearance, but about any relationship could be considered. After the divorce, we have to communicate more, there was a romantic feeling. Zhenya is a very serious person, responsible. He repeatedly said that he wants to create a family, have children,” said a former member of the scandalous TV project.

Olga long enough to hide a new relationship. In an interview with “House-2” the young woman admitted that she is happy. Eugene and Gleb familiar with each other, but there are no conflicts between them arise. Fans are confident that the Wind has met the perfect man who will become a worthy mate.