Olga Ushakova dreams of a third child

Ольга Ушакова мечтает о третьем ребенке
TV presenter Olga Ushakova tries to keep his personal life secret.

Ольга Ушакова мечтает о третьем ребенке

In an interview with the star often shares the success of their daughters, but never touches on the theme of the second half.

Recently in a conversation with journalists the woman said that now is not lonely and very happy.

Elect Olga is a restaurateur.

“In our case, there were two extremes: public and a very private person. My man was hard to get used to the fact that I write strangers that suddenly appear on photos and so on. He is a restaurateur, has been in business, and there is less talk about yourself, the better. Luckily for him, he lives and works in another city, even another country. I’m not stopping,” – said Ushakov.

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