Olga Ushakov spoke about the third baby

Ольга Ушакова заговорила о третьем малыше Host of “Good morning” revealed the details of the relationship with the chosen one. According to Olga, her boyfriend lives in another city, but this does not prevent them to be happy. Besides, the man found a common language with her daughters Ushakova, Dasha and Ksyusha.

      Host of “Good morning” Olga Ushakova tries not to advertise personal life. A woman tells reporters about his daughters, Dasha and Ksusha, but almost never shares details about relationships with men. In a recent interview, she admitted that she has found her soul mate. The TV star is Dating restaurateur. According to Ushakova, her choice – not a public person, so she rarely talks about it to the public. However, from time to time a young woman, after all happy subscribers photos with her lover.

      “In our case, there were two extremes: public and a very private person. My man was hard to get used to the fact that I write strangers that suddenly appear on photos and so on. He is a restaurateur, has been in business, and there is less talk about yourself, the better. Luckily for him, he lives and works in another city, even another country. So my work his work does not interfere”, – said Olga.

      According to the presenter, at the moment they are able to maintain harmonious relationships even at a distance. The woman does not exclude that in the future they plan to create a large family. As recognized by the Olga, over the years she has become wiser, so do not hurry to the Registrar.

      “When you start to build relationships in adulthood, everything is completely different. Well, at least I have so. You’re just enjoying the moment, while calmly contemplating the future,” – explained Ushakov.

      Daughter of TV presenter got along great with the choice of the mother. Watching beloved man, Olga realized that he was caring and reliable.

      “They became friends immediately, and that’s all I wanted. After all, they have a father, a wonderful, caring, loving, substitutions which can not be, which brings them together with me. Well, now they just have another close person, who is willing to support them in word and deed,” – said Ushakov.

      Celebrity trusts the beloved and feels comfortable around him, even ready to decide on a birth of the third child. Special daughter Olga Ushakova dreams of becoming a translator

      “We had difficulty with Dasha – she had her own peculiarities of development. Long could not diagnose. But now gradually life is getting better, and thought about the third little creep sometimes. Maybe. As God wills. I don’t mind but not forcing the event, let it remain at the discretion of fate,” – said Ushakov in an interview Woman.ru.