Olga Tomycine spoke about the violence of the husband

Ольга Тумайкина рассказала о насилии мужа The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Olga told why, having two children from different men, never married. Also Toymachine remembered as a year lost eldest daughter.
Ольга Тумайкина рассказала о насилии мужа

Olga Tomycine became widely known after roles in projects, “Women’s League”, “Unreal story”, “Mogorman”. The actress are two daughters, Pauline and Mary, she takes care of her girls.

Tomycine decided to have a Frank conversation, in which, in particular, has told, why hasn’t formed its first civil marriage with classmate Andrew. Despite the fact that they had a child – the first daughter Pauline.

Olga admitted that fell in love with Andrew at first sight when I entered the theatre school. Soon they began to live together, then they had a baby. Career and study aspiring actress was successful, but her lover is expelled. Tomycine admitted that he provided for his family alone. Andrew, jealous of the success the couple began to regularly beat her. Artist it’s hard to remember that period of life.

“It’s been so long, my memory erase these circumstances. It is in the mind, in the mentality of the men present – to beat his wife. Also there are flaws in the education in the nature… I am greedy, didn’t want to share with him the glory. It was my business, my success. You know, I really don’t care: somebody loves me, someone’s jealous… I’m very quickly able to escape, pronexus past these emotions, and they do not concern me,” said the actress.
Ольга Тумайкина рассказала о насилии мужа

Tomycine tried to reach the public to tell what is happening in her family. However, instead of support received only reproaches and ridicule. Soon the actress managed to purchase the first apartment in the capital and to leave her husband together with daughter Pauline. But Andrew was not going so easy to let her go, he stole the child. A year Olga Mall to see the girl only from a distance. In recognition of Tomicini, she pretended that the act ex-spouse does not cause her pain.

“I stopped to shake the air these concerns. These tragic experiences. I stopped myself and no longer showed any initiative. What is it called? To let it go? And when the drama has ceased to excite me like the other side disappeared some intensity. Moreover, I was busy, I was expecting my second child,” said the star.
Ольга Тумайкина рассказала о насилии мужа

Andrew returned to the actress’s daughter Pauline. And soon she gave birth to a second daughter Marusya. Tomycine did not tell the program who the father of this child. She only said that biological dad Marousi is not interested in their life.

At the end of the talk show, the actress openly admitted that now she has a new boyfriend whose name is Alex.

The eldest daughter Pauline followed in the footsteps of the famous mother, according to the artist, her whole lovely family, the girls get along well with each other.

“I know each of their aspirations, follow them, support them. Accustomed to the fact that they talked about their feelings”, – said Olga.