Olga Tomycine bought a house for $ 10 million

Ольга Тумайкина купила дом за 10 миллионов The actress has settled away from the bustling city. Olga Tomycine told that purchased the property. Famous artist waiting completion of the repair and yet lives in a rented apartment nearby.
Ольга Тумайкина купила дом за 10 миллионов

The star of the show “Female League” suddenly thought to myself: “I Want to live away from the noisy city!” And soon the dream fulfilled – acquired property outside the Moscow ring road.

“New home cost me 10 million rubles, it is not far from Troitsk, easy to get on the Kaluga highway, – says the actress “StarHit”. – For several months in full swing repair. A team of builders picked up long and carefully, because it’s important for me to be perfect, as I planned. While the boys only please, never disappoint! But still rented an apartment nearby, periodically come and control the process.”

The interior design in Moroccan style and the main colors will be turquoise and shades of it.

“I was just infatuated with him – continues Tomycine. – Sometimes aloud asking myself the question: “Olga, the kitchen will be white or beige?” And the inner voice quietly replies, “Th-Lou-boy!” Therefore, at least in the living room and dining area are planning to put tile in this range. By the way, the floor will be heated, it cost a round sum, but I have no regrets. I think that the expenses are justified – all for the sake of comfort.”
Ольга Тумайкина купила дом за 10 миллионов

The actress plans to live in a new house with his daughters, Pauline and Mary. They have already managed to make friends with the neighbors.

Ольга Тумайкина купила дом за 10 миллионов“We have a nearby pond, and girls suddenly I was engaged in fishing, – says Olga. – Met a guy from our street, now he gives them a boat to be able to sit in the center and wait for a bigger fish. On the hook mostly comes ordinary roach. Prey fed to the local cats, do not mind.”
Ольга Тумайкина купила дом за 10 миллионов

Despite the fact that many artists dream that children to follow in their footsteps. However, while Olga thinks the girls is too early to be in a movie. Olga Tomycine: “husband Of my castle began to take positions”

“I’m saving them from this world. Marusya was in the dance ensemble, sings, draws. We often walk in nature, go to theaters, museums, love to travel. The daughter is a real genius. I want this talent to save as much as possible, but sometimes the parent bear’s paw can crush. I want to Marousi and Polina, “a wise movie,” said the artist.