Olga Tomycine admitted that her husband beat her

Ольга Тумайкина призналась, что муж ее избивал
Olga Tomycine known for his roles in the projects “Macgorman”, “Women’s League”, “Unreal story”.

Ольга Тумайкина призналась, что муж ее избивал

The actress is a single mother with two daughters, Pauline and Mary. Recently, the same Olga told about his first civil wife, who after expulsion from the University, jealous of its success, began to raise Tumaikina hand.

Ольга Тумайкина призналась, что муж ее избивал

“It’s been so long, my memory erase these circumstances. It is in the mind, in the mentality of the men present – to beat his wife. Also there are flaws in the education in the nature… I am greedy, didn’t want to share with him the glory. It was my business, my success. You know, I really don’t care: somebody loves me, someone’s jealous… I’m very quickly able to escape, pronexus past these emotions, and they do not concern me”, – says Olga.

The actress does not like to keep my private life private, so nothing is known about the father of the youngest daughter Olga.

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