Olga the Wind went from Gleb Zhemchugova

Ольга Ветер ушла от Глеба Жемчугова Participant of “House-2” has left reality show. Olga the Wind along with his son Mike settles in a rented apartment in Moscow. To move into apartments, which she won in the contest “man of the year”, the young mother has no plans. Gleb Zhemchugov remains on the project.

      The star of “House-2” Olga the Wind, which a week ago announced to subscribers of his microblog, has decided to leave the project, has moved on demountable apartment in Moscow.

      Now, the young mother and her son Misha settling in to new square meters. On the arrangement, Olga recounts in the microblog. She showed a very cute, stylish kitchen and bathroom, which is adapted as a nursery for her young son.

      “And I’m slowly settling in. Half the room for her son almost ready, left the final touches. Rented the apartment in Moscow. My only in December will be ready. But far from it. So while living there do not plan to. Gleb was alone,” – said the news about the changes in her life Olga the Wind.

      We will remind that Olga came to the project in July 2015. Even then, she appeared on the telestroke with her husband Gerald, and four month old son Misha. The first problem in the pair started when the husband of Olga began to share with other members details of their intimate life. And then a young woman has doubts about the fidelity of a loved one. The events of recent years have brought Olga to despair, and so she decided to leave the project. And while it remains unclear whether to leave Hleb for wife or would prefer to stay in the “House–2”. The star of “House-2” Olga Wind: “I do everything to keep the family together”

      It is not excluded that the pause, which his wife will make in the relationship, can go they only benefit. After “House-2” knows not one such story. A couple who were close to rupture, reunited, as soon as they leave the telestroke. It proves only that not all are able to build a life together under a sight of cameras.

      Most fans supported the care of Olga the Wind project. However, some noted that this act of problems it has not solved.

      “Good, it was nice following you on the “House-2″ to observe, one can see that a loving mother, a good wife, just umnichka!”, “We did everything correctly. And don’t pay attention to evil people!”, “Boy, that went along with the son of Gleb, now you have and apartment and favorite son, aglab now let the biting elbows”, “She’s gone, and what kid doesn’t see dad, it is stressful for a child. Make peace, to come again and so will constantly. And will carry back and forth of the child. Thought than when married, married him and gave birth from him. Easy to leave, and the problems are not solved”, – Express their opinions fans of the reality show and Olga Wind.