Ольга Ветер спускает на развлечения ребенка баснословные суммы In a month the reality star takes more than 100 thousand rubles. Olga the Wind does not skimp on educational games and chic clothes. She believes spending is justified and is of the opinion that it is better to save themselves than the son.
Ольга Ветер спускает на развлечения ребенка баснословные суммы

Last year broke up the marriage of the stars “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugova and Olga Wind. The couple were able to leave without recriminations and accusations. Also the pair managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of raising a son Misha. Now the boy is only two years. He often spends time with dad. Pearl promised that the Wind should not worry about the financial well-being of a child – man promised to take care of the expenses. Gleb Zhemchugov: “Olga would not file for alimony after a divorce”

Olga admits that the son spends a lot of money. She does not consider it necessary to refuse the little boy, and sometimes even saves himself in order to indulge adored Mike.

“My son is only two years old and he’s growing so fast that a standard hike in the baby stores for juices, cookies, t-shirts, shorts and toys costs about seven thousand rubles. Such shopping happens six times a month,” admitted the Wind.

Star “Houses-2” do not mind that the child quickly grows out of items purchased, and therefore does not skimp on his wardrobe. Apparently, she wants to instill in the boy a good taste and the admiration of others.

“Clothes on the way out for her son – my weakness. There are favorite brands, try to wait for sales, but as a rule, the desired size remains. Clothes and shoes takes a minimum of 50 thousand rubles: buy three pants, five pairs of shoes, plus sweaters, jackets and headgear,” he told the Wind.

Also a young mother believes that you should not skimp on fun and educational games for kid. She wants to provide the child with a happy childhood, and because the plan, how much money it will take to ensure that Mike could spend time happily. Olga, the Wind barely making ends meet

“. Do not spare the money, but shop wisely. For example, when asked to buy a car for five thousand, I propose a cheaper alternative, but if this is some kind of educational game – children’s farm with talking animals, wooden blocks, it is possible to splurge, mostly bought for six thousand roubles, – says the Wind. – Well and where without rides, trips to the circus and parks it in the budget laid about ten thousand.”

Despite the fact that by the most conservative estimates of the magazine “Dom-2”, child Olga out of 108 thousand rubles a month, the reality star believes their spending reasonable.