Olga Sun had an affair with a young marketer

Ольга Солнце закрутила роман с молодым маркетологом Eks-the participant “Houses-2” happy in a new relationship. Olga and her partner said “StarHit” on what was their first meeting and that caused the Sun to agree to accept his advances. For a long time, the woman lived alone, not wanting to associate my life with those who had her attentions.

      Ольга Солнце закрутила роман с молодым маркетологом

      Scandalous participant of the project who left it in 2008, I met happiness last June at the wedding of a friend – Cornelia Mango. Since that day, Olga Nikolaev and Nikita marketer you’re not.

      “Olya, we stood in a circle of friends at the wedding and chatted, then moved away and began to discuss work plans, – says Nikita. I was so comfortable with her and wonder what I was waiting for the start of the dance to ask her. When we snuggled up to each other during a DJ set, I realized that to let her go do not want.”

      Nick asked the room of the Sun, but she refused. The next day he wrote to her in the social network, got an address and sent a huge bouquet of white roses.

      “Before you see the second time, I studied the Internet, I read that she loves, than is fond, because “Dom-2” I’ve never watched – still a man. – After three days of correspondence, I managed to “catch” and she has invited me to the cottage to friends. That trip was the starting point. She will even take care of her.”

      Nikita tried to impress his beloved. Sent balloons up to a height of 4-th floor, ordered the orchestra to the entrance. “A month later, Olga finally gave up – said Nikita. – I learned her real. I was attracted to her dedication. She could stay on the show, but went on. Now, for example, investment deals, we are discussing General business. In General, she is very sweet, caring, preparing my favorite dessert – tiramisu. We both have never been so happy.”

      Last serious relationship Olga was the period of participation in the “House-2”. Then the Sun was in love with May Abrikosov, famous for his scandalous antics on the telestroke. By the way, remembering that time in an interview with “StarHit”, the man himself stresses that he’s sorry about participating in a reality show.

      “I think the participation in the “Dom-2″ to his personal descent and creative collapse, confessed May. – Time spent wasted with impunity. Yes, I get annoyed by the mention of the project. If you have had the opportunity to turn back the clock, would prefer to graduate the last six months at the Academy of Arts, and otherwise would be engaged in the development of the profession. Then, I remember, I seriously was keen on directing…”

      The full interview May Abrikosov: May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

      Now in my personal life Abrikosov, too, everything is in order. Almost immediately after leaving telestroke he met a girl named Olga, which now intends to marry.