Ольга Шукшина после семейного конфликта: «Мама, я соскучилась!» The youngest daughter of actress Lydia Shukshina dreams of meeting her. Olga Shukshina forty years could not forgive the mother for her marriage after the death of his father, a famous writer, Director and actor Vasily Shukshin. The daughter of a celebrity broke the long silence and openly spoke about her relationship with her mother and her younger sister, actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina in the film “Olga Shukshina. If dad was alive…”.

      Ольга Шукшина после семейного конфликта: «Мама, я соскучилась!»

      Olga Shukshina – the youngest daughter of the writer and Director Vasily Shukshin – non-public person. But it was until recently. Now 47-year-old Olga trying to knock on every door, to somehow establish a relationship with the mother, Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina and middle sister Maria.

      His revelations about a protracted family conflict Olga shared with the creators of the film “Olga Shukshina. If Papa were alive…” shown on the First channel. The already fragile relationship between Olga, her sister and mother were spoiled by the recent scandal because of the four-room apartments, which once belonged to the father of Olga Vasily Shukshin. This history has thundered all over the country a couple of years ago. Olga asked Lydia Shukshin to let off to live with her son Bob at the time of the exams in cinematography, and with another grandson and his two friends. Lidia agreed, but all ended with a loud expulsion of the boys from the apartment.

      Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and her daughter Olga reconciled

      Olga Shukshin in the film, confessed that in fact, she orchestrated the conflict. It turns out, she was outraged that Lydia Shukshin allowed in the apartment granddaughter Anna, daughter Masha, Yes not one, and with her husband.

      “I was outraged that she lived in my father’s study, – says Olga. – Put there a bed big… Why didn’t I ask? Why I do not participate in family councils?”

      The emotional degree brought Olga Shukshin to court, which proved that Olga and her mom have the right to their part of the apartment, as initially both equal co-owner of housing. Women are left to negotiate only among themselves, but in two years they have failed.

      Lawyers who studied the problem Succinic believe that the carve-up of the apartment is, for the most part, the story is not about the division of property, this is the story of deep-seated resentment of Olga for a mother. Yes, and she claims that the scandal with the housing – only the last straw in her relationship with loved ones.

      In the zone of alienation in her family she got a very long time. According to her, the emotional break with the mother began immediately after the death of his father, Vasily Shukshin. Ola at the time was only six years old. “I put up with these stepfathers that my mother got married, she didn’t feel how hurt I was from the presence of a strange man in the house, voiced their grievances Olga Shukshina. – Always because the child feels it, as if over it did not work and did not say: “Love of this father, call him dad or uncle Misha”. “Uncle Misha” – is a cameraman Mikhail Agranovich, Lydia Fedoseyev – Shukshin married him a year after the death of her husband, in 1975. However, ten years later this marriage broke up.

      Ольга Шукшина после семейного конфликта: «Мама, я соскучилась!»

      Friend, Lydia Shukshina, a famous actress Tamara Semina doesn’t understand the claims of her daughter. “Mom, incidentally, married to you to get turned in the film to Olga Shukshina star of Soviet cinema. – Why did she have to deprive yourself of happiness? After the departure of the men and woman differently arrange their own destiny. Someone chooses solitude, and someone cannot live without male support”.

      However, Olga Shukshina can’t cope with a grudge for forty years. For her it’s like yesterday. Olga continues to accuse the mother of all the deadly sins and have recalled two of their abortion, which she did under pressure from mom. The first in eighteen years, after a romantic vacation in Pitsunda.

      “She took me to the operation, – says Olga. – It’s so easy. Five minutes and you’re done. But to me harder and harder with each passing year. Such a sin on the soul. And mom needs to share it with me.”

      “Olya, find the way to mom’s heart, melt it, if you think it is not so configured. Help your mom to understand you, – refers to the movie to Olga Tamara Semina. – Why are you so bitter? Why hate the whole world? Why is everyone around you needs? Dad gave you. In memory of the father make up with your mother.”

      Ольга Шукшина после семейного конфликта: «Мама, я соскучилась!»

      To make peace with her mother Olga called and the eldest stepsister Anastasia Voronina Francisco, the daughter of Lydia Shukshina from his first marriage. Anastasia herself has long forgiven mom, because she left her with her father, she was married to Vasily Shukshin. “I am grateful to my mother that she gave me life, and I was always ready to make contact, but the mother did not want”, – tells Anastasia that she has become a grandmother. Olga was friendly with her older sister, with her she found that family and understanding, I’ve always dreamed of.

      Ольга Шукшина после семейного конфликта: «Мама, я соскучилась!»

      Taking the film, its creators hoped that Masha Shukshina and Lidia agrees to give an interview, but received a polite refusal. But Olga still hopes to meet with the family and recorded mom and sister video. “Mom, I love you. You are a man from where I came. Mom, I miss you and want to hold you close to his chest. And Nastya wants. Guys, I do not shut yourself up, talk to us”, – concluded Olga Shukshina.


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