Ольга Шелест покорит французов идеальной фигурой
The presenter is in great physical shape.

Olga Shelest

Photo: Instagram

Losing weight after the birth of her second daughter, Olga Shelest decided to show off this achievement abroad. So
ironically, the presenter announced his vacation which she will spend on
The Cote d’azur in France. “My coach sends me Pilates at the resort,” laughs the star. Punish, to slay the French with his new figure on the spot. Not
wonder that we were making!”

On vacation the presenter is planning to get a tan and start
to prepare for this in advance. She eats products
helps to get smooth and beautiful tan.

“Do not forget that sun you need to drink carrot juice and eat
carrots, peaches, melons, asparagus, broccoli, watermelon, tomatoes, and spinach, divided
Rustle. These vegetables and fruits are not only responsible for melanin production, but also
to fight free radicals, premature aging and protect skin from
ultraviolet rays from the inside. And these products should abstain. Do not eat salty,
marinated and fried dishes, and meats, chocolate, coffee, cocoa,
corn, parsley and alcoholic beverages! All of these products slow down the process
the production of melanin”.

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