Ольга Шелест показала подросшую младшую дочь
Baby iris was a copy of star mom.

Olga Shelest with his daughter iris

Photo: Instagram

Olga Shelest showed the grown the youngest daughter of iris. Baby
in August marks a year, and now it is very similar to the star mom: the same
large expressive eyes, the same round face and hair color.

The presenter tries as much time to spend with
children, not to part with them, even going on business. Not to take
the stroller, which often complicates the movement, the Rustle got a special
a device that resembles a snap at the waist a little soft stool.

need to run to the pharmacy via the high steps to the store, which is not
to turn around with the stroller, to stand in a queue at passport control, going
on vacation or wherever else desperately need mommy and baby, it
the device helps out once or twice, ” says the star. — Buttoned at the waist
two — set a child, buttoned up the stool and ran!”

By the way, due to the fact that Olga is always
motion, and daughters often wears on his hands, it is in excellent physical
form. Shelest managed to lose the weight gained during pregnancy and breast
feeding iris, seven months after giving birth.

The presenter never
hid, which recovered strongly during the second pregnancy, but after
delivery decided not to dwell on the topic of “weight loss”. Everything returned to normal by itself.

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