Olga Shelest gave the secret harmony

Ольга Шелест  выдала секрет стройности
The presenter told us that helped her to come into perfect shape.

Olga Shelest

Photo: Instagram

Olga Shelest always said that obese and never
not was skinny. The fight against obesity, according to her statement, her cross, and she
it perfectly manages. After the birth of her second daughter Shelest complained,
that strongly recovered. But to lose weight was in no hurry.
First, the presenter’s tit, Olga
didn’t want to limit yourself to food to her little daughter iris was obtained from the mother’s
milk everything you need. Secondly, according to the stars, to dramatically lose weight harmful to the body.

But the desire to have a good figure took up. The rustle
published a photo which shows that she is very
lost a lot of weight. Under the reported that was the cause
such a good figure. “Run! I can run!” — revealed the secret Rustle. Even the presenter calls not only
run, but also to participate in the marathon. “Good luck
anyone who runs a marathon next Sunday and who raised himself from the sofa and
remember where his shoes are lying, this is the beginning!” says Rustling.

We will remind, recently Olga Shelest enrolled in a Pilates Studio
and now a few times a week with a personal trainer, Denis. Later
four weeks presenter reported on the results. “Beats me
testimony — has signed a snapshot of the class of Olga. But I won’t give up,
standing upside down to me, even beneficial. Oh, wait, that’s right
electric chair? In General brag — month training and incredible
results minus a half size — pants on the go to lose.”