Olga Shelest came in perfect shape after giving birth

Ольга Шелест пришла в идеальную форму после родов
The TV presenter was noticeably thinner several sizes.

Something mouth from ear to ear today, not the weather? dress: @ksenia_knyazeva

A photo posted by Olga Shelest (@olgashelest) on Mar 16, 2016 at 4:08am PDT

Olga Shelest became a mother for the second time in August 2015, and here,
finally, regained its former weight. The TV presenter posted a photo
in Instagram, which
you can see that she really lost weight, look younger and prettier. Sporting wide pants and shapeless sweatshirts
The rustling was replaced by a beautiful form-fitting dresses.

By the way, the TV presenter has never hidden that very much
recovered during the second pregnancy, but after childbirth decided not
to dwell on the topic of “weight loss”. The reason is breastfeeding. Olga
didn’t want to limit yourself to food to her little daughter iris were obtained from
mother’s milk is all you need. One day, the star posted a photo with her daughter iris. “Some, even very little, is itself,
increases fat mass, says
Rustling about her daughter. Doesn’t know that
life is a struggle… with cellulite”.

Olga Shelest and Evelina Bledans on the set of mystic program

Photo: Instagram Evelina Bledans

The first time after childbirth the Rustling appeared in the light on the prize
“Woman of the year”, where he impressed the public with their curvaceous that
not even felt the need to hide. Olga does not complexed
about. She was sure that the weight will leave soon, as it was after her
first birth. And so it was. After seven months Olga again slender and beautiful.

We will remind, in the ninth month, the TV presenter with her husband
Alexei Tishkina and two Muse flew to America. On 19 August, in one of
clinics of new York Olga Shelest gave birth to her second child iris. By the way, the eldest
moose’s daughter was born there.

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