Olga Seryabkina shows naked body

Ольга Серябкина демонстрирует обнаженное тело The singer has undressed for a men’s magazine. Olga Seryabkina admitted that he never wanted to be in front of the lens of the camera without clothes. But still decided to take this step.

      Ольга Серябкина демонстрирует обнаженное тело

      Not all celebrities want to show my naked body to the public. But some stars are not averse to boast of a perfect figure and appear in front of the lens without clothes. The soloist of the group SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina did not hesitate and decided to take part in a candid photoshoot for men’s magazine. The artist still can’t believe, agreed to take part in a bold shoot.

      “My whole life I have never taken Nude or semi-Nude for men’s magazines. And not because for me it is something insurmountable and indecent. On the contrary! I have no complexes in this sense, but I didn’t want to undress for men’s magazines, where people undress to undress. If a person could remove the skin to see his heart, I would have done it first,” said Olga.

      I must say that the photo of Olga was absolutely not vulgar. The footage shows a girl covered in gold paint. According to Seracini, it just helped her feel comfortable and created a feeling that she’s not naked.

      Ольга Серябкина демонстрирует обнаженное тело

      In the clips of the group SEREBRO quite often there are explicit scenes that excite the imagination of many fans. Despite a huge army of fans, Olga still has not met someone who could win her heart. Moreover, she does not hesitate to do it myself first steps to favourite to the man.

      “When I want, I get. But I never am able to search, not look around – I feel energy. And if the spark is there, come first. Very rapidly do it. I mean, get acquainted. But this does not mean that everything will happen right now. To me it is impossible to have sex immediately. And even on the second day or the third. For me it is normal that a man courted a few months until I know that it’s love. Sex without love is impossible, he continued,” – shared his thoughts Seryabkina in an interview with MAXIM magazine.

      Ольга Серябкина демонстрирует обнаженное тело

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