Ольга Серябкина спасла жизнь поклонницы

Participant of trio Serebro Olga Seryabkina shared the story about how she saved a person from suicide.

Wanting to kill herself was a 16 year-old groupie. In social network Instagram the girl complained of personal problems that were associated with the guy not satisfying to reciprocate her feelings. Desperate, the girl thought about suicide, but before you take this desperate step, she sent Seryabkina the message titled, the word “broken”.

Olga was filled to the girl and learning her phone number, contacted her. Correspondence and communication the girls lasted some time, and one fan admitted that is a closed group, in which she allegedly found support (according to some, the creators of the groups persuaded teenagers to suicide).

Seryabkina decided to end the girl’s thoughts of suicide and tried to make her life more colorful.

She was to take her with him to the shooting, events, meetings, beauty salons. In the end she walked away from the threat community, and promised to get back.

Incidentally, the name for the new songs the band Serebro “Broken” Olga has borrowed it from the lady’s letters.

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