Olga Seryabkina has signs of attention, the alien

Ольга Серябкина оказывает знаки внимания иностранцу The singer loves candid photoshoot, but to share with the fans details of his personal life not in a hurry. In the network appeared the information that Olga Seryabkina is actively communicating with a man who has managed to decorate her body with tattoos with portraits of stars.
Ольга Серябкина оказывает знаки внимания иностранцу

The soloist of group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina never speaks openly about his novels, because of what her personal life is shrouded in rumor. However, to hide his next fan of the star could not, because it adorns the body of her portraits.

The first drawing of Seryabkina Omur Turgut was stabbed in 2015, and act immediately provoked a strong reaction from fans of the actress. They praised the man for such courage, although she noted that tattoos may not like the future girl Omura.

The man clearly expects to win the sympathy of Olga, so do not leave attempts to draw the attention of the stars. So, at the end of December 2016 in his Instagram there was a picture of another tattoo with Seryabkina. And now, under one of the entries Omura appeared review stars.

“My God, My God! I have no words to Express your emotions and love to you,” fueling rumors about his affair Seryabkina in the comments to another photo Omura.
Ольга Серябкина оказывает знаки внимания иностранцу

He alleged chosen one artist often writes her passionate messages. Followers of the singer continue to wonder about what kind of relationship does the soloist of group “Silver” with her fan. Sometimes Omur very persistent in their offers and sees Olga beside him as a spouse.

“Honey, if I marry you, then make a fourth tattoo on my heart. It’s a dream, but you are my goddess forever,” says Omura Turgut in his profile in “Instagram”.

Now Olga is completely absorbed by the work, because in 2017, “Silver” celebrates its tenth anniversary of existence on the big stage. With such a significant date was congratulated by producer, Maxim Fadeev, stressing that thank each participant for its contribution to the development of the group.

“Seriously – I’ve always loved every one of them . They were part of my life and part of my heart,” shares his thoughts Fadeev.

It is possible that in connection with the anniversary, the band will give a big solo concert. Do Olga’s forces and to conquer new heights in her musical career and love, time will tell.