Olga Seryabkina has published a candid shot

Ольга Серябкина опубликовала откровенный снимок
For the personal lives of the participants of the popular group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina see a large number of fans.

Ольга Серябкина опубликовала откровенный снимок

Recently in Instagram singer appeared candid shot. And in the caption to the photo of Olga speculate about love.

“What’s your personal life, Olga? It is the question in almost every interviews… music. It is my personal life. It is fully absorbed. I’m not saying she’s the only one there, I have interests…but almost everyone thought she is. but I want to have someone drag me into a wild maelstrom. Funnel of love))) And as soon as that happens, in my lyrics you’ll hear.

They are more Frank than most candid interview. It’s even closer than a heart-to-heart with the family. And I say to you openly through song. Through poems to them, which I exposed to the limit. Read me. Listen. The truth” – frankly admitted Seryabkina.

This picture created a furore in the Network, the fans wished the singer as soon as possible to meet your soulmate.

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