Ольга Серябкина избавилась от вещей бывшего The soloist of group “Silver” goodbye to unpleasant memories. The singer has shared with fans an unusual idea – she offered to throw out all the items that can cause sadness among their owners. A peculiar flashmob immediately joined the followers Seryabkina.

      One of the sexiest Actresses of our show-business Olga Seryabkina conceals personal life. Fans will learn about the relationship of a celebrity after the time when she shares candid stories on the microblog. So, she launched an unusual campaign, urging subscribers to get rid of the past and throw away unnecessary knick-knacks. She Seryabkina sacrificed for the sake of a happy future statuette of the Eiffel tower, which, apparently, gave her ex-boyfriend. Publication Olya was accompanied by explanatory text.

      “Each of us has come to that period when we were tired of living in illusions of the past… Wanted to take and erase everything, but suddenly you stumble on your photo or its present and past again glares with dead eyes. Now I feel free because got rid of everything that reminded me of unpleasant moments from the past. It’s spring, soon it will be warm and wonderful, and I urge you all to throw everything that reminded them of the parting, pain, and misunderstanding. To throw away not only from the head but also physically,” said the soloist of “Silver”.

      She also added that easily parted with a souvenir, because she is now happy and loved in a new relationship. Fans recognized that she offered a great idea, because let into your life is good, you can only say goodbye with the bad.

      “Former now, you unimportant. Don’t dwell on the past, live the present, Right Ol! And thanks for the advice!”, “Perhaps it is time to get rid of the past!”, “I’m glad you’re happy, promise me always to be happy, you deserve it and not a drop less. I love you very much”, “all done!” – supported idol followers.

      The idea was joined by a colleague Seryabkina group Polina. The singer turned to the subscribers of his microblog and even offered to extend the rules. Now in the action to participate, even those who have not had an unhappy love affair.

      “Saw a post from Oli. Gifts from the former, of course, it is better not to store and immediately get rid of them, but if your life has not yet been in a relationship or Vice versa all is well? Then maybe you have some kind of thing that emotionally bothered, or simply are not the best memories? Before you couldn’t get rid of it. It seems to me that it is time to vacate your room and thoughts from negativity! Share your photos with such things and take the first step towards your freedom!” – wrote to Pauline.