Olga Seryabkina explained why is not going to give birth

Ольга Серябкина объяснила, почему не собирается рожать The actress plans for the future. Olga Seryabkina is recognized that the desire to create a family in the past. Now she is thinking more and more about career development and fulfillment. However, in the future, the soloist does not exclude that will marry and have children.

      The soloist of the group SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina conceals from the other the events of your personal life. For many years the public is actively discussing when the artist married, and she always credited with many novels. Seryabkina herself admits that until he found the man with which is ready to create family.

      According to the singer, she needs a man who will take care of her, but not to limit the freedom of choice. However, she met her beloved.

      “To be independent and the desire to take care of you – it’s two different States. In General, any nice take care of him,” admitted Seryabkina.

      The actress said that a few years ago could imagine himself in the role of wife and mother, but now the goal is to create a family departed on the second plan. Moreover, Olga believes that even the appearance of the heir will not change her views on life.

      “A child should not prevent a woman to feel sexy. But the lifestyle certainly should be adjusted. But I don’t know what “being a mom” – I have no husband and children. And when the family is unclear. In 25 years I thought I was ready for family life. But then my hormones went to sleep and slept until now. Probably, all the time,” – said Seryabkina.

      According to star, she was even willing to change themselves for the sake of the elect. The girl suggests that she would have had to adapt to man’s nature, and otherwise learn how to think about certain situations.

      “If I really want, I would be able to regroup emotionally. But probably I just haven’t met the right person when you would exhale and say, “that’s it”. And I’m sure that at the moment it has to be so,” said Olga in an interview TopBeauty.

      At the moment Seryabkina plans to open up to fans new details about his life. The actress is preparing to publish a book which will include poetry, her essays and prose. “Wait for her in March 2017. I’ll tell you about the stages of work on the layout and cover”, – has intrigued fans of the singer.