Ольга Серябкина решилась попрощаться с прошлым
For many fans, the group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina personal life of the singer is a mystery.

Ольга Серябкина решилась попрощаться с прошлым

Olga carefully guards his personal space.

Subscribers learn about any kind of relationship with the stars only after a long time, when Seryabkina decided to publish a post in a microblog.

She recently announced a campaign with a request to get rid of things that remind you of an unpleasant past.

“Each of us has come to that period when we were tired of living in illusions of the past… Wanted to take and erase everything, but suddenly you stumble on your photo or its present and past again glares with dead eyes. Now I feel free because got rid of everything that reminded me of unpleasant moments from the past. It’s spring, soon it will be warm and wonderful, and I urge you all to throw everything that reminded them of the parting, pain, and misunderstanding. To throw away not only from the head but also physically,” said the singer.

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