Olga Seryabkina angered fans of the naked form

Ольга Серябкина возмутила фанатов голым видом After a scandalous photo of the fans started to unsubscribe from a star in the social network. The soloist of the group SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina made my own version of the iconic cover of Rolling stone magazine with John Lennon.

      Ольга Серябкина возмутила фанатов голым видом

      Olga Seryabkina is known for his outrageous behavior. Member of the group SEREBRO often publishes photos of erotic content with his participation. In addition, the clips of the group, she expresses overt sexuality that often goes beyond the ethical norms. However, the singer is the idol for hundreds of thousands of young girls, many of whom had not reached the age of majority.

      Recently Olga has published on the page of the group SEREBRO the iconic photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The picture was taken for the cover of Rolling Stone in January 1981, the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. Forty years later he headed a rating of the best magazine covers by the American society of magazine publishers.

      “For me, all my life this photo was the symbol of absolute love, – wrote Seryabkina in Instagram. I always consider it long. And then, when I saw for the first time, and every time I come across it on the eye now. It has the magic. It has everything that is related to love and passion.”

      After the original photo she published the microblog with their version. In the picture in the same poses, and Lennon with Yoko Ono lie itself Seryabkina and another member of the group SEREBRO Pauline. Olga thus depicts John, who was completely naked.

      Oddly enough, but some fans of the stars admired her creative impulse and flawless figure in the photo. The majority of followers of the group were simply stunned by the act of girls. Fans of Olga announced that unsubscribe from the account group.

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      “Unsubscribe”, “bust It”, “Soon you will be signed some perverts”, “I would like” “every time less clothing, and now there are no”, “Seryabkina has nothing to show… It’s not sexy, but vulgar”, “the Horror! After all, you not only look at those who are 18 years of age, but younger. Idleness will not know what to do”, “photos only people loved each other, and you’re onto a colleague climbed too shocking,” he hit singers a barrage of criticism from followers.

      Interestingly, accusatory comments Seryabkina left unanswered.

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