Ольга Романовская рассказала, как посадила мужа на крючок Leading “Revizorro” shared experience of how to charm any man. According to Olga Romanov, that its natural qualities have helped her to “pick up” the wife of Andrew seven years ago.

      TV presenter and former member of the group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya for a long and happy marriage with her husband Andrew. Many wonder how husband and wife manage to keep an ideal relationship in the family. According to Olga, she didn’t use any tricky techniques, when introduced to her future husband. Romanovskaya said that at first didn’t want to get married before 30 years, since it was more important than career, but then Andrew is so captivated by the girl care and attention that she couldn’t resist. The presenter believes that he fell in love with her naturalness.

      “That fish has long been on my hook. Most interesting is that no special baits I have never used. I’ve just always been a sometimes dramatic and direct, sometimes playful and affectionate… whether a man in a skirt, or a woman with a screwdriver, sometimes overly active and prone to mood swings and emotional and weird, but real. And I know that this is appreciated in me loved ones. And I appreciate people that know how to have fun and to cry, to listen and speak without masks and hypocrisy,” – said Romanov on his page in the social network, uploading a funny photo with her husband.

      In the family of Olga and Andrey exists the understanding that the spouse star is not even opposed her Frank pictures that she posts on the social network. Besides, according to the presenter, sometimes he takes pictures of wife in sexy poses. Striking brunette appears on the frame in lingerie or slinky dresses with deep cleavage.

      “I can’t imagine how I lived alone, no Andrew and no children,” said Olga in an interview. Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” had a hard time leaving the team in 2007 because he did not know what to do in the future. At the moment Olga is a happy mother of two sons, Oleg and Maxim, as well as host of the show “Revizorro”.

      The family Romanov lives in a large house located on the seashore near Odessa. “We were looking for ready-made housing, and in this mansion I fell in love at first sight,” said Olga. – For some time we lived with the situation from the previous one, but then decided it was time to redo the interior. Leading “Revizorro” Olga Romanov, settled in a luxurious house by the sea. PHOTO

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