Olga Romanovskaya, Tatiana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos began participating in a new group

Ольга Романовская, Татьяна Котова и Санта Димопулос стали участницами новой группы

“No.” — so can be called a new musical group that created Olga Romanovskaya, Tatiana Kotova and Santa Dimopulos – former member of the group “Viagra“. “The most sexy girls of “Viagra” — as they call their new producer Sergey Kovalev – have even managed to record a new song.

“One man’s dream, and for whom, and not will Soon see” — signed a photo on Instagram of Olga Romanov.

“I gathered the most sexual “viagra” together: Kotova, Dimopoulos and Romanovskaya is perhaps the most desirable famous women for our men. We have already recorded the first single, is a lyrical composition, oriented to the mass female audience… Now on the Russian music market is clearly not enough for really bright women’s groups, so we decided to fill this gap. It will be a bomb, I promise you! Emotional, sexual, melodic bomb” — brags Kovalev.

Interesting new producer, how would you assess the work of former players and colleagues Constantine and former/new member of the group. Yes what there to hide – we are also very interested, will they be able to outdo. or become a pathetic attempt to reincarnate a past success.