Olga Romanovskaya remembered how it changed the “VIA Gra”

Ольга Романовская вспомнила, как ее изменила «ВИА Гра» The ex-soloist of the group said that in the first months of work in the team that was not easy. It largely took the example Albina dzhanabaeva and Vera Brezhneva. According to Olga Romanov, they forced her to revise your style.

      Ольга Романовская вспомнила, как ее изменила «ВИА Гра»

      From an early age, the ex-vocalist of the group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov was the desire to sing, but she never seriously thought of becoming a singer, so popular in the women’s team came almost by accident. According to star, the casting in the group, except for the vocal, it was important, what the woman looked like.

      Romanov replaced in “VIA GRE” gone Hope Granovsky and in 2006 began performing with the team. 20-year-old girl tried to follow the example Albina dzhanabaeva and Vera Brezhneva, which at the moment is not the first year he performed on stage.

      “I looked up to them, reaching out to them and for them”, – says Olga.

      The singer has always preferred to wear high heels, tight dresses and never left the house without styling and makeup.

      “To “VIA gra” I shoes without heels, and especially running shoes, did not recognize. Faith with the albino looked in bewilderment, as I arrive at four in the morning to the airport in a white coat, mini skirt, heels and her makeup. They are in everyday life preferred the style of the girls from next door – go without make-up, in a gray t-shirt, loose jeans and sneakers or loafers. At first they were silent, then again poluchili second. Finally Faith said, “Buy yourself a cat!” And I’m looking at girls, I decided to try,” – said the ex-soloist.

      Olga gradually learned to look more natural and less painted. However, the star chose not to indulge in buying expensive accessories, trips to luxury beauty salons and trendy restaurants.

      After meeting with her husband Andrei the life of Olga has changed in many ways. In the beginning of the relationship, the singer tried to show him that she is an independent woman and able to provide for themselves, so took no money from him. Everything changed when Romanov became pregnant and left the band. “I can’t imagine how I lived alone, no Andrew and no children,” said Olga in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      The couple is still happy together married and raising two sons. Andrey Romanovsky supports wife in all her endeavors: he helped to open her clothing store and let go to shoot the show Revizorro”. The new host of “Revizorro” ready to inadequate attacks

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