Ольга Романовская продлевает себе молодость Singer and TV presenter does not hide that uses the services of beauticians. Olga Romanovskaya seeks to preserve the youthfulness of the skin to look flawless. Also celebrity loves sports and devotes time to training.

      Ex-member of the popular female trio “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov became the new host of the popular TV program “Revizorro”. Fans are happy watching a spectacular brunette monitors compliance with all regulations in eating places.

      Olga understands the importance of a flawless appearance for a public figure. She admits that she refers to surgery done. Romanovskaya said that he sees nothing reprehensible in that, to correct figure flaws or facial. The artist is closely monitoring their appearance and, if necessary, appeals to experienced cosmetologists.

      “As for the injections, I tried hyaluronic acid and different meso – and vitamin complexes. For three years I try to take the course, but to be honest, never done this completely: not enough time. My mom still tells me that I’m doing stupid things. If someone has the same opinion, that is your right, and I’m going to prolong your youth!” – said Romanov.

      Also, the presenter carefully watching their diet. However, the ex-soloist of “VIA gra” never dieted. Once she tried to follow the advice of a nutritionist, which specially for it was developed by the power system. But Romanov, having carefully studied the entire program has realized that it will not be easy to adhere to advice due to my busy work schedule, especially during business trips. Then a celebrity decided to adhere to its own systems and eat in a way that makes it her body.

      Despite the fact that Olga is not a diet, she loves classes at the gym. “Seriously took up the sport seven years ago. Took eldest son to Boxing. He never went, and I was impressed and decided to try it. And now can’t imagine life without “pears”. I am a very energetic person. Don’t like to get mad at people, but the aggression builds up. There is a box and save! Included visual range, and I “revenge” to the offender. My profession definitely requires a good physical shape, but, unfortunately, in recent months, few opportunities to practice. I was very annoying,” Romanovskaya told to the edition “7 days”.

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