Olga Romanovskaya intrigued by the daughter

Ольга Романовская заинтриговала снимком с дочерью The singer said that she now has three children. Fans do not exclude that Olga Romanovskaya and her husband Andrew were able to take a foster child into their family. The singer does not comment on these conjectures, but does not refute them.

The former soloist of group “VIA Gra” and the former host of the program “Revizorro” Olga Romanovskaya lives happily married with her husband Andrew. Until recently, fans were sure that the couple has two children – a joint son Maxim and Oleg, child of Andrew from his first marriage.

But Olga Romanov has made it clear that she is the mother of three children, two boys and a girl named Sonia. The singer published in the microblog intriguing photo in which she is depicted walking arm in arm with the baby, from behind of a young woman peeking two teenagers.

“Whatever you say, but mom I’m still cool” – hooligan signed the Olga Romanov.

Some members immediately began complimenting her slim figure, luxurious Breasts and long legs. Others are more interested in the girl captured in the picture. Fans started asking her how many children she had. She said it in the comments section that three of them, add fuel to the fire of escalating intrigue. Followers have suggested that a pretty girl can have Olga niece.

“She’s six. And not Sonia niece,” he dispelled the speculation, at the same time telling the name and age of girls, Romanov. Fans began to develop this message further and came to the conclusion that Olga and her husband could adopt the baby. Perhaps Sonja was the daughter of Romanov, which she has not yet had time to tell the public.

“Look, baby Sonia (by the way, charming Princess) has caused serious speculation many. Friends, and possibly adopted, and maybe just a daughter – wrote in the comments one of the subscribers of Olga Romanov. – In the first case, my obeisance to Olga and Andrey. Knowing them for years, I can confidently say that they are a model family. I don’t think it’s worth asking about it Olga or Andrew – if they want to, and do everything you say!”

Probably the fans remains only to be patient and wait until the star decides to voice what she has is actually the girl Sonia.

It is worth noting that Olga Romanovskaya couple of times already published pictures of this baby in his microblog, but then didn’t say anything about it, limited only short comments to the photos.