Olga Romanovskaya called the work “Revizorro” unbearable

Ольга Романовская назвала работу в «Ревизорро» невыносимой The former participant of group “VIA Gra” for a long time did not disclose the details of his departure from the popular project. Some believed that the producers of the program decided to replace the Romanovs more familiar to viewers of Volatiles. Recently Olga has told a little more about why he left the program.

      In October of this year, Olga Romanovskaya suddenly left the project “Revizorro”, and its place was taken by Elena Volatile. The blonde called storm restaurateurs, surely the beginning of the Moscow season. It should be noted that not all the owners of the capital’s institutions like the sudden check of the crew of TV channel “Friday”. Some of them started to resent the actions of Helena and her colleagues. While the public discusses the recent editions of “Revizorro”, former leader of the project is with the new songs: Romanov became a member of the group Queens.

      Officials contacted the charismatic brunette to finally learn the details of her departure from the popular program. In recognition of Olga, to appear on the show was very difficult.

      Olga Romanovskaya left without a job

      “I had personal reasons not related to the fact that I was offered to sing in a group. I am very happy that I was warmly accepted by the people and the producers of the show were allowed to show themselves. I was sorry to leave the audience and breaking up with colleagues, not to say that all, so forgive me… In my work there were a lot of pitfalls. My schedule was unbearable, he totally did not coincide with the schedule that I had to drive in addition to programs. Not that I didn’t have time to write, I was not even on my children,” explained Romanov.

      Recall that the information about changing the leading “Revizorro” appeared in the spring of this year. Olga Romanov can be seen in the fourth season of the popular TV show. The former participant of group “VIA Gra” went out with inspections in many cities of Russia, including Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kaliningrad, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk and Voronezh. The last episode with the participation of Romanov was shot in Vladivostok.

      Social media users disliked the change of leading. They staged a flash mob to bring Elena Volatile emerging from a difficult period after a controversial fight in Salekhard.

      After Romanov left the shooting of the program of TV channel “Friday”, she returned to musical activity. In November of this year, it was announced the launch of the new group of Queens, which included Romanovskaya. In addition to Olga, her participants Tatyana Kotova and Santa Dimopoulos. The debut song of artist called “Why”, it was presented at the ceremony “Golden gramophone”. In an interview Wday.ru Romanov also said that taking part in another project, but chose not to disclose.